Best Games to Play with a Live Dealer

Though online slots are popular, players always seek ways to increase their excitement. As such, they choose live dealer games. These live games allow a player to interact directly with other players and the dealer. These games create a real-life casino experience in an online world.

Additionally, these live casino games are played via HD streaming. In most online casinos, players can choose from over 20 live games. They range from traditional and well-known games to the latest games. Below is a list of the best games one can play with a live dealer.

Live Baccarat

This live game is popular in most Asian countries, and almost all live casinos provide this option. The game also has several variations. First, players can choose traditional baccarat, which is readily available. One of the leading software providers for this game is Evolution Gaming.

Its software provides fast-speed baccarat in live casinos online. Players can also play baccarat squeeze, where dealers squeeze the cards or controlled squeeze. In controlled squeeze, players squeeze the cards.

Another provider of this game is Playtech Software. This provider provides casinos with mini-baccarat for single and multiplayer tables. Notably, all live baccarat online games have an aspect of side bets. Baccarat is a good option if a player is looking for a more traditional live games experience.

However, other baccarat versions that one can try are Golden Wealth Baccarat, Peek Baccarat, or Lightning Baccarat. Additionally, players should learn the etiquette of the game. They should also know all the basic rules and strategies to win.

Live Blackjack

It is one of the most popular live dealer games. Players can access two versions of live blackjack in online casinos. These are seven-seat blackjack that sits seven people virtually with seven different hands and unlimited blackjack, involving just one hand where unlimited people can play simultaneously.

Various casinos have varying rules on splits, doubles, and surrender. Some also may not offer side bets due to these rules. Additionally, players can bet on a traditional blackjack live dealer game that starts each with two cards. A player can win the game if they get a hand beating the dealers when they get as close as they can to 21 when values are added.

Bettors should also follow a certain etiquette, especially when other players are involved. Players can also play variations such as Infinite Blackjack with some variations of the classic games. Players who want to do well in these live dealer games should master all the basic rules. They can also refine their strategy to increase their chances of winning.

Live Roulette

Live roulette is another popular casino game. It is a simple game to learn. All bettors need to do is bet on a number between 1 and 36 or any other available bet options. The live dealer then spins the wheel, and one wins if the ball lands on the chosen option or number. The amount won depends on the bet and wager type.

Bettors can bet on several variations of this game, each with its rules. The most popular and readily available variation is European roulette. However, players may have to look harder if they want to play American roulette.

The American version adds a twist by adding a double zero to the wheel. Like other live dealer games, players should know the game's etiquette before sitting at the virtual table to play with other players.

One also needs to know the rules of the game and the number of bets one can place. Notably, live roulette is random, and it's impossible to know where the ball can land. As such, there is not much in strategy one can master. However, as players learn the types of bets they can place, they increase their winning odds. They also understand the amount of risk they can take.

Live Poker

Players can also play live poker based on the worldwide popular poker game. Some poker variations can be difficult to learn and master the rules. One of the well-known live casino options is the Hold'em one.

It has a combination of a blackjack feel and poker. This game is played against the dealer. It does not involve other players. Both the dealer and the players are dealt two cards. Players then fold or continue the game if they can beat the dealer. This version is available in casinos with Playtech, Ezugi, and Evolution software providers.

Bettors can also play 3 card poker variations against a dealer where they only use three cards. It is new in live casinos and only provided by Evolution gaming.


These are the most popular live dealer games that players enjoy. Players can play other options and variations, such as live game shows like monopoly. With all these options, players should maintain etiquette during the game, such as respecting the dealer and other players. They should also research live casino games to know all the rules and avoid making costly mistakes.