• By: Allen Brown

Best spots for a beach vacation in Latin America

Latin America is a paradise for beach-lovers. With the exception of Paraguay and Bolivia, which are landlocked, the region offers plenty of coastline to keep vacationers happy. Whether you are after a raucous beach party or a quiet off-the-beaten path experience, the options are endless. Keep reading to learn about the top best options for your next Latin American beach vacation.

El Cabo San Juan Beach, Colombia

Nestled in Tayrona National Park on the northern coast of Colombia, El Cabo San Juan is a stunning blend of white sand, tropical palm trees and crystal clear water. Be warned though, getting to the beach is not a walk in the park, and requires an hour’s hike through the park (this can be an adventure in its own right). The beach has plenty of hammocks for rent, and it’s even possible to enjoy the area overnight.

Jericoacoara, Brazil

Another remote beach, Jericoacoara in northeast Brazil is a bit of a trek to reach. Nevertheless, the effort is well worth it. So much so that many travelers who come here for a couple of days end up staying weeks. While the water here is not ideal for swimming, the area abounds with stunning sand dunes, which are not just fun to climb but a great spot from which to enjoy the sunset. The area also offers a range of watersports including surfing and windsurfing.

Mancora, Peru

For a slice of paradise in a beachside village setting, head to Mancora. The area is well-known for its line of small al fresco eateries with ocean views on one side and vistas of the desert on the other. According to Patrícia de Souza from Monederosmart.com, the area has also recently become famous for its kitesurfing. “It’s the combination of strong winds and waves that makes this area ideal for this sport. While the windy season runs from April to December, the best months to kitesurf in Mancora are August, September and October.” While the beach is relatively quiet during the day, it comes alive at night when the party crowd descends on its numerous nightclubs.

Punta Del Diablo, Uruguay

A favorite with Argentinian and Uruguayan beach enthusiasts, Punta Del Diablo, or the Devil’s Tip, is the perfect spot for sun and waves. The quaint fishing town on the eastern side of Uruguay features a chain of laid-back beaches that are ideal for both relaxation and watersports. Head to the Grande Beach for a stretch of sand fringed by eucalyptus and pine groves. For pounding surf, don’t miss Rivero Beach. Meanwhile, the picturesque Praia dos Pescadores is peppered with fishing boats and features the towering Monumento De Artigas A Bolivar.

Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

One of the best options in the region for families, Manuel Antonio lies within the Manuel Antonio National Park on the southern coast of the country. It is also one of Costa Rica’s most popular tourist destinations. With warm waters and rich coral reefs, the area is perfect for snorkeling. Plus, the national park abounds in diverse wildlife, including green iguanas, sloths and the endangered squirrel monkeys.