Best ways to grow your business on Instagram

Almost every single business or brand these days is using one social media or another. This is because social media serves as an incredibly strong and intricate network, allowing billions of people around the world to connect with each other.

With this unprecedented level of interconnection, social media platforms are proven to be one of the best ways for any business big and small to market themselves and advertise their products. Through the various platforms and growth services online, one that particularly fits the business model for many brands around the world is Instagram. As the platform only allows short videos and pictures, along with short captions, every post essentially looks like and is designed to be a form of advertising.

If you want a shot at growing your business overnight, Instagram marketing is definitely the way to go. However, it might not be easy for first timers, given the fact that marketing on social media platforms does not follow any of the traditional marketing methods. In fact, they sometimes feel counterintuitive, but work! To get you started, here are some tips for the best ways to grow your business on Instagram.

Get Real Followers

Having a ton of followers is great, not only does it mean you have a high social standing on the platform, but it also means that your content will reach even further and bigger audiences. However, the catch to this is that your followers have to be as engaged in you as you are to them. Without having active followers to share your content, it can still be akin to screaming into the void.

Getting more followers on Instagram that care for your brand is the key aspect of not only growing your business on Instagram, but even surpass all expectations. With enough followers to share your content, and engaging posts from your account, you might hit virality one day and be known by more than 200 million people in the world overnight

Create Quality Content

Instagram is an incredibly helpful tool to help you build your business online. However, just with any other tool, it is only as good as the hands that wield it. If your posts are boring and unengaging, it will not go anywhere, and unless you get real followers, it will take even longer to grow your account. Even with a ton of followers, boring posts tend to get sifted out from the crowd. After all, there are over millions of other better and more engaging posts being uploaded every minute.

Creating bad content not only stunts the growth of your business, but in some cases, might even harm your reputation. Bad content could be considered something that people don’t want to see. For example, a hard selling and annoying brand, or a brand that is too inappropriate or insensitive. Great and engaging content should feel welcoming, relatable, approachable and most importantly, shareable.

Quality content is usually infographics or funny posts such as memes that give either actionable tips or a sentimental value to your follower base. The most important ingredient of any great quality content is the value that it puts out to the public. The more valuable it is, the higher your chance of achieving massive overnight success.

Use the best hashtags

A hashtag is something that allows your post to be seen by the right people. For example, if your hashtag was something like #hairstyling, then people who are passionate about hair styling or professionals in the industry will be the first ones to see it. Likewise, with a hashtag like that you won’t find any MMA or NASCAR fans coming across the post. This targeted post system helps everyone get in touch with the people that really matter.

If you haven’t noticed, this is also a double edged sword. On the off chance that you use a wrong hashtag, even an incredible piece of content that has a great chance to go viral would sadly be lost in the void.

So, make sure to always curate your hashtags to target your ideal customer base. On another note, spamming hashtags is just as bad as using the wrong hashtag. When it comes to hashtagging, less is more. You need to think in terms of quality over quantity, and find the right words to describe your post so it can reach the right people.