Birth gifts: How to choose the right size of clothing

Choosing a gift for a newborn baby is a very thrilling and exciting experience. However, the excitement can be accompanied by confusion due to the large availability of infant wear in the market — one is easily spoiled for choice with the number of rompers, onesies and girls pyjamas available for purchase. This article will take you through the process of choosing the right size of clothes for a newborn with ease.

General size guidelines

There are some general guidelines that you need to consider when purchasing clothes for your newborn. Just like in adult’s clothes, size varies from company to company; this means that you need always to be guided by your baby’s weight and height, rather than their age.

The size chart:

Most newborn sizes range from size 0-3 months; this fits babies that weigh between 8-13 pounds. The 3-6-month size range would be the best fitting for 9-17 pounds; the 6-9-months would fit 17-21 pounds, 9-12- months for 21-25 pounds, 12-18-months for 25-28 pounds and lastly the 18-24-month/2T range for 28-32pounds.

Is there a difference between 24 months and 2T?

The main difference between 2T and size 24 months is just the style. Size 2T is slightly more mature toddler styles as compared to size 24 that has more childish cloth designs. A good example includes onesies that would mostly be used by children that are still in diapers.

Get pants with a stretchy elastic:

One thing with getting clothes for the young ones is that you do not want to get clothes that are too oversized. Especially when choosing pants, I would advise you to choose the ones with stretchy elastic band or drawstring on pants to ensure that they fit well.

You need to note that the drawstrings on the neckline or in waistbands could bear a considerable risk of strangulation to the baby or could cause your child to trip and fall on the furniture or playground tools.

Other factors worth considering when choosing the right size of clothing:

● Choose clothes with soft fabric.

This point speaks about the sensitivity of the baby’s skin. Newborn babies have susceptible skin, and it is vital for you to get clothes that would not cause any irritation to their skin. Tagless clothing, especially the ones with the heat-sealed labels, can sometimes cause skin irritation on the child due to the print. You might therefore opt for the ones with tags then you can cut it out.

● The ease of dressing.

Snaps and zippers are way more comfortable than buttons. You can also look out for stretchy neck holes or those with snaps at the collar that would be easy to slide gently over the newborn’s head.

● Many people, when getting gifts for the newborn, opt for the infant size. Many mothers would, however, be more grateful to get clothes that the baby would wear later on. Look out for this too.

Final Verdict

Getting clothes for your children is now easier for you. Whether you are looking to get pyjamas for a girl or a batman t-shirt for a boy, now you know how to pick the right size.

PHOTO: Jordan Nix, Unsplash