Bowling Tips for Beginners – How to Bowl Better

Being a fresher to bowling comes with a learning curve like any other sport. I’m sure even the great bowlers of our time had their fair share of gutter balls and embarrassment when they were starting out. If you want to be on your way to hitting that 300 or you’re just tired of bowling into air, these tips will help you improve your score and have you knocking down pins in no time.

Make Sure You Choose the Right Ball

Choosing the wrong bowling ball could derail your night of playing before it even starts. You should choose a ball that isn't too loose on your fingers, but just enough wiggle room for you to maneuver them and get a good release on the ball. When it comes to the weight of the ball, men commonly use 14-15 pounds balls, while women use 10-11 pounds. To personalize your choice, one practice is to use balls that are 10% of your body weight. Experiment and see what feels good to you.

Don’t Focus on the Pins

Focusing on the pins is a common mistake beginners make at first. They aren’t using the tools of the lane that are at their disposal. The arrows, dots, and foul line are there for guidance in where you place your shot. Most people focus on the arrows, and if you are one of those people, the second arrow from the right is where you should aim until you know get a feel for your spots.

The dots have the same function, but looking at those instead also alters your shot depending on your mechanics. Zoning in on the foul line allows you to get a lower release point compared to that of the dots.

Stay Relaxed and Balanced

Most beginner bowlers are probably very tense and stiff in their swing. Putting too much brawn and awkwardness into your swing could make your entire attempt go awry. Rather, allow the weight and natural momentum of your swing to create the power you need. Keeping your balance when you go to release the ball along with a relaxed approach will give you a better overall attempt and finish with control.

Good Timing and Speed

Being consistent in how you swing is important when you want to improve your score . That doesn’t mean you can’t switch things up from time to time, but developing a routine starting out helps a lot. Always approach using the same steps leading up to your swing, and they should match where your arms is during your attempt.

If you find a slower approach is more your style you should hold the ball at your chest, so as to allow more time for your swing. If you like a faster approach, positioning the ball around your hip and upper thigh area is best since there’s a smaller window for a full swing. To have all the precision and mechanical stability you need, make sure you wear the right shoes and check their quality. If you are a bowling enthusiast with a view to becoming a professional bowler, it is advisable to do a thorough search. For that, Shoe Adviser's reviews and guides will come in handy.

Pay Attention to Your Arms and Where You Finish

Much like golfing, keeping a straight arm is a key component in your swing and getting the ball to go where you want. I mentioned to stay relaxed, but don’t be so relaxed to the point your arm is flailing during your swing. From the start to finish of your swing, your arm and wrist should be straight, which better avoids those gutter balls. Maintain that throughout the whole motion and you should finish with your hand around shoulder to head level.

Practice and Watch the Greats

I know it is easy to get discouraged when you just cannot seem to see any improvements, throwing gutterball after gutterball. There’s no magic bullet here. You have to put in the reps on the lanes. One of the best things you can do if you want to get better is watch the people who are already great. Pay attention to the veterans you see when you are playing, or watch the pros online.

Pay attention to their routines, their technique and pretty much everything that they do. You will see the countless hours they’ve poured into bowling that seep through the way they play.