• By: OLM Staff

Broadswords and bagpipes: Meet the Highland Warriors at new Canadian War Museum exhibit

Illustration credit: Luc Normandin

Defender of clans, fearsome soldier and proud warrior — the Highland soldier is an iconic military figure whose role and reputation have evolved over the centuries, both within Scotland and beyond. Highland Warriors, an exhibition developed by Nomad Exhibitions in collaboration with Glasgow Museums, explores the changing role and reputation of these iconic kilted fighters.

“The Highland military tradition has evolved from early clan warfare in Britain’s northern reaches to a highly respected global force with the power to influence and inspire,” said Mark O’Neill, President and CEO of the Canadian War Museum and the Canadian Museum of History. “With Highland Warriors, we are proud to bring much-deserved attention to this fascinating and lesser known chapter in military history — and especially to show how both the myth and reality have become entwined in Canada’s national identity.”

More than 200 artifacts, from menacing broadswords and resplendent tartans to uniforms and military awards, connect the fierce Gaelic warriors of the Middle Ages to Scottish Jacobites loyal to King James, and to the proud traditions of Highland regiments in Canada today. Together with evocative text, these objects help tell the stories of the individuals and armies that have contributed to the Highland warrior’s well-earned place in history and in popular imagination.

From now until January 12th, 2020, discover the origins and 800 year history of a military culture known as much for its courage, toughness, discipline and skill as for its colourful kilts and the rallying call of bagpipes.

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