Buy Reddit accounts: A business owner’s guide

Reddit is one of the most influential websites related to sharing of information in the world at the moment – bear in mind that at the start of October 2020 it was the 7th most popular website in the United States of America and the seventeenth most frequently visited website on the planet.

This is one of the many reasons why your business should have a presence and stake in Reddit. However, as an incredibly business owner you may not have the time to create your own Reddit accounts. No need to worry though, there is a way that you can buy Reddit accounts. Not convinced that it will help you and your organisation? Keep reading to find out more and change your mind!

Share Content and Increase Exposure

Reddit, like any other social media sharing website (think of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram) works on the amount of ‘likes’, ‘votes’ or ‘shares’ a post gets. The content is shared by one of the millions of users on Reddit. The content that the user has decided to share is then made public on Reddit. Other members of Reddit then get to vote up (as in ‘like’ on Facebook) or down (if Facebook had a ‘dislike’ button, this would be its Reddit equivalent).

There are obviously a lot of posts that are created and shared on a daily basis thanks to the millions of users that are hungry for information and want it at their fingertips. In order to make finding content that interests a particular user easier, the posts are divided into different categories which have been made by other users of Reddit. These are called ‘subreddits’. These subreddits can be about almost anything. Here are a few of the subreddits that are popular on Reddit:

  • Sports
  • Cooking
  • Video games
  • Politics
  • The environment
  • Current affairs
  • Science
  • Religion

There is a subreddit for everything. This includes the product or service you are attempting to sell or provide. While you may not be able to actively advertise your business and its offerings on Reddit, the one way you can get in on a piece of the action is to buy Reddit accounts.

Why Buy Reddit Accounts? Your Business is Boss of Vote Up and Vote Down

Every unique Reddit account has the ability to vote up or vote down any of the content on Reddit. This includes your business and that of your competitors. If there is something negative about your business on Reddit, the Reddit accounts that you now own can be used to ‘vote down’. This will then make sure that very few people on the internet see those negative reviews.

If there is something incredibly wonderful being said about your business, as a business owner you now have the capacity to ‘vote up’ this post and make it more visible on Reddit. What this leads to goes without saying, more traffic to your website. Traffic on a particular website, we all know by now, leads to more sales and more much-needed money. We are living in hard economic conditions where the economy is expected to take a further dip, this is most definitely needed!

Your Business can Make and Post Content

One of the most useful things about owning a Reddit account as the owner of a business is the fact that you will be able to post content. You can post content about your business without being seen as being directly affiliated with it (which will leave people with plenty of questions). Your other Reddit accounts which are also owned by you can then ‘Vote Up’ the content. This then makes it more visible on Reddit and brings in additional revenue to your business. The more Reddit accounts that you own as a business, the more opportunities that you have to make your business be seen by the Reddit community.

In relation to posting content, it also gives you an incredibly useful platform to share posts from your blog or website about upcoming events, prizes, discounts, new offerings and even positive reviews. Once again, additional Reddit accounts means additional opportunities for your business to increase its presence on the incredibly underrated social media platform, Reddit.

By now you should be convinced that it is not a bad idea to buy Reddit accounts. If you would like more information on how to buy Reddit accounts to increase your profitability, contact Accfarm today. Our dedicated team of specialists will be able to help you find the right Reddit-related package to meet your needs.