Canada’s wealthiest YouTube and Twitch personalities

Successful YouTube and Twitch personalities make incredible earnings from these platforms and have a lot of wealth. Some stars don't publicly declare their wealth, but a recent twitch leak reported their earnings. These personalities have huge followings that enable them to secure brand endorsements and partnerships and sell their merch, thus more payments. Here are some of the wealthiest YouTube and Twitch personalities, from the richest to the least.

Evan Fong-Net Worth $25 Million

Born in Toronto, Evan Fong has found massive success on YouTube and is now a multi-millionaire. He set up VanossGaming, his main channel, in 2011. This channel now boasts 25.6 million subs and a whooping 14.5 Billion views. He keeps his massive following engaged by uploading gaming content. Apart from YouTube, he has ventured into other fields, such as directing games and playing the leading role in animated series.

Besides acting and gaming, he ventured into music in 2017 and created a YouTube channel called Rynx. This channel has 610 K subs and more than 77 million views. His net worth is $25 million as of this writing, and he earns above $3.3 million per year from VanossGaming.

Shroud-Net Worth $22 Million

Micheal Grzesiek, popularly known as Shroud, was born in 1994 in Toronto. Currently, he shares content with his 9.1 million followers on Twitch. He used to play Counter-Strike: Global Offensive as a pro before taking a break. He became famous on the global gaming scene with his unique skills in the game. Furthermore, he also has a YouTube channel called Shroud, with 6.79 million subscribers.

Currently, his net worth stands at $22 million. His monthly earnings on Twitch are around $200,000, which translates to more than $2 million yearly. He earns between 30,000 to 50,000 per month from ads running on his channel on YouTube.

Lilly Singh-Net Worth $20 Million

Lilly Singh is a female Canadian YouTuber who has enjoyed immense success raking in millions. Initially, she set up her YouTube channel in 2010 and posted comedic videos. This channel has 14.7 million subscribers, 855 videos, and more than 3.4 billion views. A year later, she set up another channel where she posts vlogs. This channel has over 2.77 million subs and more than 450 million views.

Her YouTube following enabled her to secure acting roles. She was becoming famous, and it was only a matter of time before she went on a world tour and documented it. Her career became prosperous until she relocated from Toronto to Los Angeles. She has written two books, acted in many roles, and is a judge on Canada's Got Talent. She has an estimated net worth of $20 million.

XQc-Net Worth $13.5 Million

XQc, whose real name is Felix Lengyel, is a Twitch streamer from Canada. He was a pro player for Overwatch and currently streams for a Canadian eGaming Company called Luminosity Gaming. He is popular on Twitch, with 9.1 million followers. He has a YouTube channel called xQcOW with 2.01 million subs and over 1.1 billion views.

His net worth is $13.5 million. His monthly earnings from Twitch are approximately $323,077. On YouTube, his estimated payment is in the range of 432,577 to $ 469,077 per month. Generally speaking, iGaming and casino streamers tend to be among the highest earning individuals in Twitch streaming scene. Canada’s most successful casino streamers are considered to be some of the most successful in the world and regularly get some of the highest sponsorship deals.

Disguised Toast-Net Worth $5 Million

Disguised Toast is a Canadian Twitch personality and YouTube content creator. He has 3.61 million subs on YouTube and over a billion views on his main channel, while his secondary has 592K subs. Also, he teams with other streamers such as Pokimane in a crew called Offline TV, where they create content.

Disguised Toast has a net worth of $5 million. Toast earns approximately $40,000 monthly from Twitch and $72,000 monthly from YouTube ads.

Troydan-Net Worth $3.5 Million

Troydan is a YouTube personality and Twitch streamer from Canada. His content on his YouTube mainly comprises videos of NBA2K and Madden streams, although he also streams other games. This channel has 3.09 million followers and over 1 billion views. He has an extra YouTube channel called Troydan reacts, where he entertains his, 504K subscribers with reaction videos of basketball games.

Troydan's net worth is estimated to be $3.5 million. His earnings from his main channel are approximately $2400 per day or $880,000 per year. His reaction channel generates a revenue of around $640 daily or $230,000 yearly.

Final Remarks

YouTube and Twitch are lucrative fields due to the vast number of users who crave content on their hobbies. These personalities have discovered their niche, ran with it, and gained a lot of wealth from these platforms.