Canadian Businesses Need Canadian Web Hosting Solutions

If you’re a Canadian business, there are many benefits to partnering with a web host that is also located in your country. Apart from investing in your own economy and ultimately your business, it allows you to save on costs as a local service will charge you in Canadian dollars – without the unnecessary currency conversions or hidden fees. As well, Canadian servers are typically less crowded than their American counterparts ensuring faster load times and more satisfied users across the board. Now, with so many strong and dependable services to choose from, there’s never been a better time to bring your website presence back over to this side of the border.

When choosing a provider, consider how crucial your local activity is to the success of your business. When you target ads over social media for example, do they reach a local market? When you announce a sale online, how many of your buyers are from your own city, or at least the same province? With web hosting plans in Canada on the other hand, this audience matters more as your search engine rankings are boosted for the positive thanks to your strong local reach. It also makes your website more visible to others in your target market.

Furthermore, web hosts in Canada do not have yield to the same stringent security policies and checks as their neighbours to the south. This protects clients’ privacy, personal information, the personal information of their customers, and the affairs of their business from nosy government agents. What’s worse is that perfectly legitimate and compliant online enterprises have suffered on account of their server getting seized by the authorities. This has happened irrespective of whether the suspected malicious activity on a server had adequate enough evidence to warrant its apprehension. When you work on a shared hosting platform, sometimes your activity is affected by other users, while using a Canadian host will help sidestep these inconvenient take down requests.

Finally, the customer care is typically stronger in Canada. Top Canadian web hosts like HostPapa not only boast some of the country’s most affordable and comprehensive plans, but their customer service centre offers a variety of self-help tools like tutorials, videos and e-resources to help companies of all sizes manage and navigate their questions or concerns. They also have an IT team available around the clock by phone, e-mail, or even live chat to help correct issues and offer support to administrators when its needed.

If the opportunity to remain locally affiliated is available, why not take it? You can even make a trip to your data centre to see how servers are being monitored – constant contact is accessible. As a local business, you are also supporting a local provider so the funds you spend on service power your economy too. Finally, there is a greater respect for privacy and a company’s right to manage its own dealings – so much so that even international clients choose Canadian web hosts for peace of mind.