• By: Sofia Donato

Celebrate Canada with the second annual National BeaverTails Day!

This Friday, the beloved Canadian brand is giving away free BeaverTails pastries at select stores across the country. From 2:00 – 4:00PM on June 7th, 2019, BeaverTails fanatics can enjoy their favourite snack during the second annual National BeaverTails Day!

What began last year as a way to mark their milestone 40th year has now evolved into an annual celebration of Canada’s favourite treat. Don’t miss out on the chance to enjoy a classic Cinnamon & Sugar pastry, or try the new BBQ flavour, completely free, this Friday, at select locations! What better way to kick off your summer than by celebrating the delicious taste of Canada!

Check out the Beavertails store in the Ottawa ByWard Market (69 George Street, Ottawa ON, K1N 1K1) for a sweet pastry and the chance to make lifelong memories!

As CEO Pino Di Ioia explains: “Last year we celebrated our 40th birthday by giving our fans a sweet treat, and the turnout was more amazing than we could have imaged! This year there will be twice as many opportunities to grab a freebie with 11 locations across Canada celebrating our fantastic fans. Happy BeaverTails Day! ”.

Beavertails were first served at Killaloe Fair, west of Ottawa, Ontario, Pam and Grant Hooker brought the sweet and salty pastries to Canada. By 1978, Canadians could enjoy the delicious pastry by the canal or the in the ByWard Market. In the late 1980’s, Pino Di Ioia takes a summer job as the manager and later becomes the CEO. By the 2000s, BeaverTails became a nationwide company and a staple in the Canadian diet.

Help make National BeaverTails Day a recognized national holiday by coming out, celebrating, and making this year even more delicious! Celebrate a significant part of Canadian culture with friends and family, this Friday June 7, 2019.