• By: Tori McNeely

Chelsea Handler joins Civilized in conversation about cannabis

October 17th, better known as the day pot will become legal in Canada, is less than a month away. While provinces and territories are busy deciding on various rules and regulations regarding cannabis consumption and distribution, many of us are left with a lot of lingering questions.

What if all your cannabis concerns could be answered by none other than accomplished comedian, author, actor and activist Chelsea Handler? Well, I’ve got news for you! On October 5th, Chelsea will be in Ottawa to discuss all things cannabis as part of her cross-Canada tour with Civilized, a multi-platform brand that aims to modernize the cannabis culture.

On September 20th, Handler and Civilized publisher Derek Riedle began staging town hall events in various cities, hosting intimate conversations about the legalization of cannabis in our country. “I did an event with Derek Riedle a few months ago in New Brunswick and we just had such a blast,” says Chelsea. “Cannabis has been great for me which is why I really want to spread the message. Plus, it’s a great excuse to come to Canada.”

Chelsea says that although she never used to be a big cannabis user, the way the products are now being labelled and the standards by which the companies must adhere to have driven her to become an advocate for the product. She has encouraged those close to her to use it as a remedy for anxiety, arthritis and as a substitute for alcohol. She’s even praised pot for helping her withstand the current political climate in the United States.

“I think the biggest misconception is that marijuana users are blottoed and stoned out of their mind. I am a highly functioning person with a million projects going on all throughout the year and I’m able to use cannabis responsibly and not be out of my tree. You know, it’s not about that,” explains Chelsea. "It’s about microdosing and finding the strain that you like. If you’re interested in giggling, if you need to take the edge off…whatever it is you’re after there's a solution for you.”

While she doesn't have anything to announce yet, Chelsea did express a desire to become involved in the industry. “I am looking into it and I want to be in the business,” she says. “I don’t think men should own the market on this. I think they need a strong woman at the forefront of this culture and when I find something that works for me I want to share it with the world and I want people to know about it.”

“In 20 years, it’s gonna be like 'I can’t believe cannabis was illegal'," Chelsea says candidly.

Chelsea Handler. Candour humour. And cannabis-driven conversations. Need I say more?

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