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Chinese Canadian Children’s Choir of Canada is multiculturalism in music

The Chinese Canadian Children’s Choir of Canada (C5) is a not-for-profit organization focused on developing a fundamental understanding of music, life, emotional expression, and intercultural communication for children between 5 and 16. Recognized for the quality of its programming and its focus on Canadian and Chinese cultures, C5 works to foster an environment of sincerity, dedication, and responsibility by combining histories, traditions, languages, and cultures of the World.

C5 promotes the learning of languages and cultures through singing Chinese, English, and French songs while enabling children to learn to appreciate and embrace the spirit of multiculturalism in Canada. C5’s mission is to develop a deep understanding and love of humanity, world cultures, and languages while providing an East-meets-West experience that helps raise the cultural awareness and confidence of young Canadians.

In keeping with their mandate, C5 broadcasted a unique Christmas Eve music program of videos produced by their online students.  The choristers’ wonderful performance showcased the talent and creativity of the students and sent holiday wishes, happiness, and hope to all during the pandemic!

C5’s repertoire included songs composed by its members, one of which received a gold medal in a Chinese children’s songwriting competition held in Beijing.

The Chinese Canadian Children's Choir of Canada (C5) promotes the learning of languages and cultures through singing Chinese, English, and French songs. It enables children to learn to appreciate and to embrace the spirit of multiculturalism in Canada.

During the pandemic, C5 provided online courses using music to create an interactive environment that is both relaxing and educational for children. After each online session, it produced a music video for students and their families as a keepsake and as a marker to accompany each children’s growth as they overcome these challenging times.

C5’s has created many original scores during the pandemic, including “The Place of White Clouds and Yellow Cranes,” "March, April, and May,” and “Hand in Hand,” which have been praised by the CBC and China Culture Network for their message of spreading love instead of fear and hatred.

The music video releases are Christmas-themed songs by C5 choristers, in English and Chinese, with guest performances.  

To find out more about C5 or to join the choir, please click the link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdCBFYAccmrZCsx2jj9wwNjM0LkE8yDNEIbb3FbEP49SQM8Hw/viewform?usp=sf_link

Links to a sampling of the C5 music videos:

Christmas Is Coming https://youtu.be/IdJZqNUFZLM
Away In a Manger https://youtu.be/vtQ9__sza4U
Hua Fei Hua (in Chinese) https://youtu.be/9CeZ9if-fyU
A Special Night https://youtu.be/IR2CLVkbgdg
Nunchaku performance https://youtu.be/6LD128LrQPA