Closure of casinos in Canada, how and why gambling establishments are closed for business?

The Great Canadian Gaming Corporation quickly responded to the events in the country due to the pandemic and decided to take the necessary measures. While Canadian online casinos are at their peak, two land-based casinos, Casino Woodbine and Casino New Brunswick, are temporarily shutting down. Let's take a look at the details.

On October 9th, the Great Canadian Gaming Corporation decided to close two large casinos. The reason for this was the unstable economic situation in the country due to the pandemic. People are no longer able to attend events, so establishments are closed because they can no longer cover all costs. Due to this volatile situation, land-based casinos around the world are starting to close, while online casinos are progressing.

But don't be discouraged as Woodbine and New Brunswick are closing only temporarily.

Even though Brunswick is steadily following the economic resumption plan, the local government has decided to close the facility for the safety of the people.

On September 28, the casino began to work again with all safety measures and compliance with all hygiene rules. But already on October 9, it was closed again. This is a big blow to fans of gambling since this casino was the center of the region.

The consequences of the epidemic have overtaken not only casinos but also gyms and other health centers will be closed. Restaurants and bars are more fortunate — they will work, but in compliance with all safety rules. This is probably one of the strongest points, since food departments in casinos, for example, remained closed anyway. At the same time, the casino works in the usual schedule — until 2 a.m. and seven days a week.

Now, what about Woodbine Casino? By government decree, all gambling establishments must be closed in the Toronto, Ottawa, and Peel regions. The Great Canadian Gaming Corporation decided to be the first to follow the law and closed all of its gaming establishments. It is also worth mentioning that Woodbine is a fairly well-known racetrack.

But don't be upset! Since the gambling company owns ten more casinos in Ontario, all of them will work. The reason why this particular establishment was closed can be explained by the fact that it is the largest gambling center. Too many people came to bet at this casino. Since now it is still important to take precautions, that’s why this casino had to be closed.

Also, not only the casino business was hurt during the quarantine, but also the race tracks. The three most popular and largest race tracks were closed for the quarantine period. But, do not get upset, Nowadays, online casinos have become more popular, and you can place bets on online games or on virtual sports.