• By: Tyler Burch

Cocktails and Canapés at the Artissima Opening Gala

Prime Ministers’ Row (PMR) is partnering with Artissima for a fundraising cocktail event where guests can sip cocktails, try canapés, and dance the night away, all while enjoying contemporary art.

This groundbreaking event aims to celebrate the vibrant and dynamic world of contemporary art by highlighting the work of 14 Canadian artists, including the well-known Bhat Boy, who is kindly donating a door prize. The gala will showcase unique talents, from traditional media, like painting and sculpture, to the complexities of digital art.

The Artissima Opening Gala is on Friday, November 10, from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m., but the art exhibit will continue all weekend. The event is being hosted at Working Title Kitchen, 330 Laurier Avenue East in Sandy Hill. The cost is $95 per person, which includes canapés, a welcome cocktail, and a $50 charitable tax receipt.

As part of the gala event, PMR is launching a collective art project that will carry on throughout the weekend. With the theme of connection, it will focus on how we connect with our past, our future, and each other. 

Prime Ministers’ Row seeks to enable citizens and visitors to discover, debate, and reflect on the legacies of Canada’s prime ministers by transforming Sandy Hill’s historical public spaces into an inclusive outdoor cultural destination. The tree-lined streets of Sandy Hill served as home to nearly a dozen prime ministers and other prominent Canadians, yet aside from Laurier House National Historic Site, it remains relatively unknown to most Canadians. 

PMR is working to transform the tremendous history and built heritage in Sandy Hill into Canada’s first street museum. This initiative will be the only place in the country dedicated to honouring the lives and legacies of Canada’s prime ministers and will contribute to greater equity and inclusion by creating spaces for dialogue and shared experiences.

For more information on Prime Ministers’ Row, visit https://pmr-apm.ca/ 

Click here for tickets and more information on the Artissima Opening Gala.