CreditNinja Nailed 4.5 Star Rating on TrustPilot: Here’s What Makes It a Reliable Online Lender

An excellent online lending service should be fast and easy to use, eliminating the hassle of applying for a loan. That's what CreditNinja stands for.

CreditNinja bags a 4.5-star rating in TrustPilot, one of the leading review websites online that gather and catalog people’s feedback on different online services.

CreditNinja is an authority in online lending that’s fast and hassle-free, making it one of the best online lenders in the online financing industry. But what exactly makes it a cut above the rest is the convenience it offers to the borrowers.

Full Online Experience

Getting a loan from the bank is a long process. It could take weeks, not to mention all the documents you must bring and sign, the interview, and the long assessment the bank has to carry out just to approve your loan.

When getting a loan from CreditNinja without Credit check, one can complete all those in just a day! No commuting, long lines, and, more importantly, waiting for weeks just to get approval. It only involves a computer or smartphone and a secure internet connection.

Fast and Easy Application Process

One of the best things about CreditNinja is its straightforwardness in loan applications. Just take a quick scan of all your needed documents, forward them to CreditNinja, and then wham! Your loan will have its approval as fast as later in the day.

Fast Funding

With a quick and easy application process as fast as same-day approval, the funding is just as fast. After having the approval within the day of your loan application, you can get your funding in a couple of days and sometimes hours.

Excellent Customer Service

One significant asset that CreditNinja offers is its 24/7 customer service. Whenever a problem is involved with your account, you can call CreditNinja's customer service anytime.

Not only do they help you with problems, but they will also guide you on the steps you have to take to apply for a loan. You can even inquire about the different loan products CreditNinja offers. In short, they’re a great help, super informative, and always available whenever you need them.

Great Customer Feedback

People are wondering if all of these are true, and yes, they are. Many have already reached out to CreditNinja during financial predicaments, and all of them were happy with the services given. You can check the feedback given by them on TrustPilot.

With a total of 7,340 reviews, 81% of these are five stars. Here are some of them:

"Well, so far, I just received the money today … I needed it for an emergency, and it came in time! I am truly grateful. Thank you for your assistance. Sharon H."

"Great company to work with even though the rates are a little high. You can pay off early to save money!"

"Very fast and easy process with no hassle. I’m very satisfied with the site and the services! Thank you."

Why Should You Choose CreditNinja?

All that you need financially is at the tip of your fingers. CreditNinja aims to make borrowers’ lives easier; even those with bad credit have easy access to loans whenever needed.

Since 2018, CreditNinja has dished out 300,000 loan products and helped 200,000 people with financial troubles and more. CreditNinja prides itself on helping people with their financial needs day in and day out. With easy access to loan products and a quick application process, CreditNinja remains one of the best online lenders in the lending industry.