Customer service at its best at Canadian Tire’s largest store.

In celebration of its 100th anniversary, Canadian Tire opened its biggest store yet. In 2019, Canadian Tire expanded store sizes as part of its Better Connected Strategy to invest $3.4 billion to create efficient, reliable, and modernized customer service experiences.

According to Jason Kane, the Vice-President of Store Planning and Design for Canadian Tire, “These stores are large, with more than 100,000 square feet of retail space, and are focused on delivering a ‘wow’ experience to customers by showcasing the breadth and depth of Canadian Tire’s product assortment and bringing meaningful brand experiences to life.”

This investment incentivized the construction of Canadian Tire’s newest 135,000 sq. ft location in the Carlingwood Mall and will update 200 stores across the country. The bright and spacious Carlingwood location is complete with a Customer Pick Up canopy area, a waiting lounge, a Garden Centre, and a large section of the massive second floor dedicated to seasonal products, from decorations for Christmas to barbecues for the summer.      

ABOVE: Canadian Tire’s new Carlingwood auto shop has 26 bays. (CENTRE) Canadian Tire auto shop manager Tony prides himself on customer service. (RIGHT) The auto shop waiting room offers complimentary coffee and WiFi while you wait.

A unique feature of the new Canadian tire is its auto shop, which provides exceptional customer service. The store has 26 bays, a wide range of auto equipment, a nine-car drive-in area, and some of the most reliable services in Ottawa. The car repair industry can be rampant with rip-offs and dishonesty. However, these detriments have no place at Canadian Tire.

Tony, the auto shop manager, prides himself on ensuring his customers are happy. His excellent customer service and helpful staff earned Canadian Tire the reputation of one of the best service centers in the region. Their hard work will continue in the new location as they explain their processes and prices transparently and are always available to answer questions.

With these numerous benefits in mind, be sure to check out Canadian Tire for all your home and auto needs.

To see a video tour of the location: