Daryl Thompson- Southern Maryland Blue Crabs’ Best Team And Coach Player

Born in 1985, Daryl Marcelus Thompson has spent years of his professional sporting career as an American baseball player. Having played as a pitching coach and baseball pitcher for the Atlantic League of Professional Baseball and Southern Maryland Blue Crabs, his career certainly took off while playing in Major League Baseball between 2008 and 2011.


So, like bettors who take interest in the most recent MLB picks and parlays, fans, and supporters have started taking interest in some of the best players that the Blue Crabs have invested in. Therefore, in this article, we’ll be looking at Daryl Thompson and his journey as a professional athlete and team player.


A Timeline to Daryl Thompson’s Professional Baseball Career


To thrive and excel in any industry, every amateur knows to work twice as hard as the next person in order to receive your breakthrough finally, and with Thompson, despite his talent, the same rule applied to him as well.


Having spent a bit of time making a name for himself, he finally received the recognition he deserved in 2003 when the Montreal Expos chose him in the year’s Major League Baseball Draft. However, it was only with the GCL Expos that he made his first professional debut.


Throughout the 2004 season, he spent his time with the Savannah Sand Gnats, where he set some impressive records during the 25 games that he’d played for the club. The following year, the team Expos relocated to Washington and became known as the Nationals.


But while the team was making significant progress in Washington, Thompson stayed in Savannah during the course of 2005, and it was in 2006 that he joined the Low-A Vermont Lake Monsters when the season had just started.


In 2006, the Reds set an agreement with the Washington Nationals to have some of its players traded for their own. This meant that Austin Kearns, Ryan Wagner, and Felipe Lopez were exchanged for Gary Majewski, Bill Bray, Brendan Harris, Royce Clayton, and of course, Daryl Thompson.


After joining the Reds, it’s here that his professional baseball career quickly took off because of the minor league systems that stemmed from the Reds. And it’s during this time that, in just four starts, he managed to win three games while playing under the Triple-A Louisville Bats.


In 2008, the Reds called up Thompson for a replacement, and shortly after his initial start against Dan Giese, who was also making an initial start of his own at the time for the New York Yankees, Thompson outdid himself by pitching so well that the left no room for any runs while standing 8 and striking out 2 baserunners.


In 2009, he joined the Triple-A Louisville Bats after Spring Training, where he gained further career experience. Later that year, he again joined Spring Training after being outrighted from the 40-man roster to Louisville.


During 2010, he spent the season playing under the Caroline Mudcats in Double-A. It’s here that he also made some impressive records in the 12 games that he played. Later that year, he was out back on the 40-man roster, and in 2011, he joined the majors again after Matt Maloney had been injured and placed on the disabled list for a period of 15 days. Unfortunately, in October 2011, Thompson was removed from the 40-man roster yet again.


One could say 2011 was a bit of a bittersweet year for Thompson because shortly after being outrighted off the 40-man roster again, the Minnesota Twins offered the baseball player a minor league contract which paved the way for him to be offered the chance to be a part of that year’s major league Spring Training.


Sadly, he didn’t make the club and was later invited to join the Rochester Red Wings. However, this meant no longer playing for the Minnesota Twins.


It was after 2012 that Thompson’s career was then introduced to the Southern Maryland Blue Crabs, where he’d find himself making one stint after the next with the club. Shortly after leaving the Twins, he got signed to the Atlantic League of Professional Baseball’s Southern Maryland Blue Crabs. During 2012 and 2013, he made an impressive record that later helped take his career to even greater heights.


Once 2013 arrived, Thompson signed another minor league contract, but this time, it was with the New York Mets. With the organization, he played under the Triple-A Las Vegas 51s, where, as usual, he set some impressive records in just 9 appearances alone.


In his second stint with the Southern Maryland Blue Crabs, Thompson chose to return to the club after being released from Oaxaca in April 2014. After the 22 appearances that he’d made for the club, he turned to becoming a free agent when the season was over. However, in April 2015, he signed under the Mexican League’s Piratas de Campeche.


Thompson was released from the Piratas in May 2015 after 8 games with the team, and it’s here that he made a third stint with the Southern Maryland Blue Crabs. After this, Thompson spent the next three years devoting his time to making as many appearances as he could and recording some of the most impressive records.


Today, Thompson has excelled above and beyond the team with 15 wins. With an earned run average of 3.43, he’s made this record one of the team’s best records of all time, and it’s paved the way for many qualifying pitchers that are looking to make a name for themselves.


In 2019, Thompson was made the Blue Crabs’ pitching coach, and this elevated him into becoming a player and coach, helping him win and receive some of the industry’s most commendable titles like Atlantic League Pitcher of the Year in 2019.


So, even in 2022, he’s still operating as a player and coach for the Blue Crabs’ season, and it’s led and inspired him to become one of the best players that the industry has ever seen.