Dealing with quarantine boredom — how to stay entertained at home

When the coronavirus crisis first hit the world several months ago, no one could imagine the gravity and extent of the danger. And no one probably thought it would take so long to be resolved. Everyone knows that social distancing is the only way to steer clear of the infection and quarantining oneself is the safest thing to do. And that is something that everyone seems to be doing right now, with businesses asking employees to work from home and people avoiding outings as much as they can.

But as the quarantine period extends, things seem tougher for everyone, and patience levels are ebbing now. Obviously, you would be feeling cooped up by now and boredom is a reality that you may be facing every day. And you may probably have read all the books, seen all the movies, and tried all the recipes on your wish list by now. If you are looking for innovative ways to stay entertained and avoid quarantine boredom, here are some cool ideas you can try.

Organize a virtual party with your gang

After all the video conferencing you may have done with your colleagues and clients at work now, you will be more than comfortable with the idea of remote meetings. Why not just use the same app for organizing a virtual party with your gang or even go for a virtual date with your S.O. You can even watch a movie together or have a beer and dance night by connecting through a group conference call. And surely, this is something you can try every weekend to stay connected with your gang till things get back to normal and you can visit your favorite pub together.

Take a virtual museum tour

Thanks to innovative technologies like virtual reality and augmented reality, you can spend a day at a museum even during the lockdown. There are several museums in the US and across the globe that are offering digital tours for people who want to do something unique and exhilarating during the quarantine. You can even consider checking Google Maps to explore the area around the museum if you plan to visit it personally in the future. Believe it or not, the experience can be as amazing as the real one!

Take an online fitness challenge

Surely, you would be investing in your fitness during home quarantine but things can get challenging due to lack of proper equipment and training. And there is a lot you may be trying with cooking during the lockdown. Taking an online fitness challenge right now is a good idea if you want to overcome boredom even while investing in your health. If you explore the internet, you can find a host of virtual fitness programs that challenge you to achieve time-bound goals. The best part is that you will actually enjoy the challenge and go the extra mile to win.

Get your game on

Online gaming is perhaps the most amazing way to kill quarantine boredom. While you can rely on the good old PlayStation you own, there are a lot of options you can discover online. There are several free games and exclusive paid ones you can try. For those looking for an innovative gaming experience, there is the option of game streaming services. And you can check here if you want to play for entertainment and also get an opportunity to make big money at an online casino. You can simply access a casino website and have the most amazing time along with the chance of winning a fortune.

Consider writing a quarantine journal

You can get the inner creative streak in action by writing a quarantine journal while at home. It can surely be a collection of memories and an inspiring read if you want to get it published as a book later. What’s more, you may even convert it into an e-book and have it published right now. The subject is probably going to intrigue everyone because this is a topic of common interest these days. You may even consider starting a blog or a YouTube channel to share your everyday experiences as a daily diary. Once you start it in routine, the writing and editing parts would surely keep you occupied for a good time period. Who knows, you may actually end up being famous by the time the crisis is through!

Start a DIY project

If you are keen about killing boredom with something productive, starting a DIY project is another quarantine pastime you can try. Look for something that you would enjoy doing but ensure that it does not cost you a lot and would add value to your life. For example, decluttering your living room or giving it a makeover is something you can start with. Consider revamping your kitchen or painting the kids’ bedroom. Or you may try creating a vertical garden on the balcony if you enjoy gardening. When you take up a DIY project, consider something that can be done using stuff you already have at home. And if you need to get supplies for the project, ordering them online makes sense. 

Spend your time meditating

You may have tried everything under the sun to avoid quarantine boredom but your mental health may have taken a backseat. And perhaps, this is the most important aspect of staying sane and beating the lockdown blues. Spend a couple of hours meditating, both morning and evening. You can easily find a mediation course online and invest in activities like deep breathing, yoga, and aromatherapy. While it will help you manage your time productively, you will probably end up seeing life with a more positive perspective. Joining an online community is a good idea if you want to take the initiative more meaningfully.

Surely, these ideas of dealing with quarantine boredom may be quite similar to what you may have been doing till now. But they differ in terms of focusing on yourself and your well-being rather than just killing time. The idea is to do something that makes you happy and brings inner peace and happiness, even when you are isolated and socially distanced.

Photo: Sheng Li, Unsplash