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DesignerDIY – 5 Minute Makeover Video Tutorial: Kitchen Faucet

You will need:

•     a fabulous new faucet

•     an adjustable wrench

•     a pair of pliers

•     a pipe wrench

•     a screwdriver


Step 1:  Prepare the area

•     Since you will be working in a relatively small area, remove all items in the work space.

•     Turn off the water supply, in this case, I had convenient shut off valves under the sink, however, yours may be located in the basement.

•     Turn on the faucet to release any water pressure and drain the lines (and to make sure the water is actually off )

Faucet Before


Step 2:  Remove the old faucet

•     Using your adjustable wrench, remove the old supply lines from the water lines.  You may wish to use your pliers here as well for additional grip.

•     Next you need to remove the mounting nut from the existing mounting stud.  Beware – this can be challenging because not only are you working in a small space, and using an awkward tool, but the previous assembly can sometimes be uber hard to take apart.

•     Ta-Da!  Now that you have removed the old faucet, it’s time to install the new one as per the manufacturer’s instructions.

Check out our DesignerDIY with Lowe’s in the 5 minute how-to video tutorial below:


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