Does a jackpot win make you happy?

A man from Prahran, Australia, is planning to fulfil his dream of relocating interstate and acquiring a block of land close to the beach after he became an overnight millionaire through the Monday Lotto.

There are ways of becoming a millionaire with better odds than the lottery, such as gambling online on the slots at casinos like ManySpins. So the winner clearly had some extraordinary luck on his side. As it turned out, he had one of the four national winning entries from division one in Monday and Wednesday Lotto draw 4026, drawn on Monday, November 16. He took a $1 million division prize, which wasn’t a bad turnout at all.

The happy Australian contacted a Lott official to confirm his win, explaining that he went outside to pick up his newspaper with no knowledge of his windfall. The winner said that he was in shock that he was now a millionaire and was looking forward to taking his wife out to celebrate over dinner.

He added that he was also planning to realise his dream of moving interstate and that he will be putting some money aside for his and his wife’s retirement years. The winner, who has chosen to remain anonymous, bought this marketed 50-game entry a venue called Prahran Market Lotto on Commercial Road in Prahran.

Champagne and Banners

Anna Lim, the owner of Prahran Market Lotto said that she was ecstatic on behalf of the latest million-dollar winner. Ms Lim said that the lottery company will be putting up banners and popping a bottle of champagne with the staff, adding that their customers will also revel in the news.

In last year’s financial year online, Monday and Wednesday Lotto created a staggering 86 Australian millionaires. The winning numbers for the latest millionaire were 3, 12, 16, 26, 27, and 40, with 8 and 11 being the supplementary numbers. That draw produced four winning entries from division one, one each from New South Wales, Western Australia, Tasmania, and Victoria.

Division One of The Lot has now seen 156 winners during FY21, which includes 65 wins from Tatts customers. From July 1, 2019 and June 20, 2020, there were 101 winning entries in division one across Australia, with collective winnings reaching $98 million.

A Nervous Phone Call

The winner from New South Wales popped out from work to answer the call from The Lott that told her of her life-changing win. She admitted that she was nervous before the caller told her about the windfall.

Just like the winner mentioned previously, we don’t know the name of the New South Wales winner either. We do know, however, that she bought her winning entry from Inverell Newsagency on Otho Street in Inverell. Anthony Michael, the owner of the Newsagency, said the outlet celebrated selling the million-dollar ticket. He added that it was fantastic news and that it was great for Inverell after it’s just been through two rough years. The win was the largest that the owner has had since he took over the store, so he couldn’t be happier.

Luck of the (Tasmanian) Devil

A woman from Tasmania was another division one winner. The winner’s marked System 9 entry has also experienced 18 division three wins and 45 division 45 wins, boosting her windfall tally to $1,008,746.20. The woman told a Lott official that she was about to go to bed beadier she decided to check her ticket. She didn’t believe the matching numbers and even considered that the app might be broken.

While the Tasmanian mother and grandmother is now a bona fide millionaire, she said that she would make sure that it’s her family who are most provided for. She could have tried the traditional entrepreneurial route to make her fortune and take care of her family, but then the odds of success will have been far longer. The happy winner has also chosen to remain anonymous.