Doing chores without the strain

If you are reading this guide, there is a good chance you have pain in your muscles, tendons, joints, or spine. Just think about your routine or activities that you have been doing daily over the past couple of months. Do you feel you have been sitting for a long time? Or perhaps you have been doing more tasks that require lifting and bending.

Approximately 11 million Canadians often suffer from various disorders of the musculoskeletal system. These include chronic low back pain, strain, sprains, arthritis, neck pain, and other common acquired or congenital disorders. When you overuse your muscles, tendons, and joints, various injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome can occur. However, CP Health asserts that there are simple things you can do to minimize the risk of such injuries and strengthen your body as you tidy up around your home. These include:


As with all other types of physical activities, it is essential to warm up before strenuous physical activities. Before you start organizing and cleaning your home, do simple stretches or walk around your home as this can help prevent injuries. Many fitness experts unanimously agree that a proper warm-up can prevent instances of injuries, particularly when walking around in your home.

Break up heavy loads

Do you remember the last time you did groceries and other household goods? Did you carry all those heavy bags into the house at once or took several trips to your car? It is tempting to make one or fewer trips from your car to your house, perhaps to save time. However, you are risking an injury if that's what you do. It is better to take extra few minutes and only carry a few bags at once. Generally, breaking uploads could help prevent injuries.

Divide & conquer

The list of household chores that must be addressed every day is long, but it can be endless if you always save chores for your day off. What most people don't know is that dedicating 25 minutes to 45 minutes every day to handle your household chores can decrease the overall stress and risk of injury associated with handling all household horses at once. Besides, getting a little done every day will allow you more time on weekends to relax or spend quality time with your friends and family.

Maintain the right posture

Mopping and vacuuming the floors often require excessive reaching, bending, and twisting. If done improperly, these chores pose a risk of injury. So, it is in your best interest to avoid bending excessively at the waist or overstretching your arms. Instead, hold the mop handle or vacuum handle close to your body and walk back and forth when cleaning. Keep your spine neutral and relaxed while doing these household chores. Your back will stay healthy and thank you later.


It is essential to prevent unnecessary strain to your shoulders, back, and neck when handling various household chores. Implement the tips discussed above to perform various household chores without straining. In case you experience any back pain or joint and muscle pain, visit our chiropractor Ajax for a thorough examination.

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