• By: Allen Brown

Don’t forget to binge-watch these Netflix shows before traveling to Turkey

There are tons of reasons you can’t help falling in love with the Turkish people. Their hospitality, music, their value for justice, and timeless culture is impeccable.

Netflix seems to be a brooding ground in providing a quick way to enlighten people. This has been made evident by shows and movies.

The streaming service has a massive collection of excellent content to choose from. Besides, the content is easy to access using different devices. You can use your Smart TV, Blu-ray player, PC, Smartphone and many others.

With over 1900 TV shows from different genres of all ages, you just need one click, and you’re good to go. Is that not bingeable entertainment?

If planning to visit Turkey, I bet you would like to know about their timeless traditions and culture. If so, the below Turkish shows should be on your watchlist starting now.

Netflix offers different shows in each country. Thus, some of these best Turkish shows might not be available in your country, but nothing to worry about. Using a free VPN to watch Netflix can help you binge-watch your favorite shows and movies from anywhere in the world.

1. Love 101

A group of four young people schooling together seems to be notorious compared to other classmates. Due to this, the school plans to expel them for good.

Nearly everyone, including the headteacher and some teachers, is against their destructive behaviors and wants them to go. However, one teacher (Burcu) seems to feel them and does all she can to offer them protection.

Unfortunately, teacher Burcu has to be relocated from the school, and the doom will fall on them.

They make plans to lure the teacher into falling in love, knowing that once married, she can choose not to relocate, and thus, they will not be expelled.

2. Winter Sun

If you love detectives, then Winter Sun is one great show with a psychological twist. Efe’s father gets murdered during a car accident and Efe witnesses the ruthless occasion. The murderer decides to kill the seven-year-old boy, but he can’t stand the act.

He gives Efe to his friend, who is a fisherman. Efe grows up in the fisherman family and becomes a fisherman too but is determined to take revenge. Years later, the murderer travels to Turkey and meets Efe. Will the fisherman conduct the revenge?

3. Magnificent Century

Based on the life of the Ottoman Sultan, the show is one great historical series that sheds some light on the period of the political influence of the mothers and wives of the Sultans referred to a Sultanate of Women.

The show follows the life of Suleiman, whose father has died, and it dawns on him he has to start reigning.

4. Fatma

At the age of 35, Fatma chooses a treacherous path when her husband (Zafer) goes missing. She kills someone unexpectedly, forcing her to continue killing to eliminate her enemies and survive.

It is all about revenge for the trauma she has faced in life. If you love crime drama, then this is a good shot.

5. 20 Minutes

When police storm to Aksum’s family, they leave with his wife (Tuba), claiming she murdered a political son. While the husband tries to prove her innocence, Firat, the criminal investigator, does all he can to prove evidence. Tuba is taken to prison.

Her husband Ali must do all he can to help Tuba get out of prison. Will his plans be fruitful?

6. Intersection

Love chemistry set in when two tycoons (Ali Nejata and Umut) who loves car racing cross paths with a principled pediatrician (doctor Naz)

The show depicts a love triangle, much more so when Ali Nejat learns that he is the father of the little baby Kaan. Naz does all she can to help, leading to tighter closeness.

7. Masum: Innocent

The life of Bahar and his wife, who has just retired, is shattered after their daughter Ela dates the wrong man. The love chemistry between a 19 years old girl and her father's boss is a mystery.

It’s easy to relate to such family issues, especially when parents try to fight back when their children get into wrong relationships.

8. The Protector

The show features Hakan, who realizes he is responsible for saving the city from an immortal enemy.

Interestingly, he realizes he has some connection with ancient secret order, and now he must make his dreams come true. The fantasy series has an exceptional local relish; it’s heavily engaging.

9. Ethos

Ethos is about the story of characters from different socio-cultural boundaries but find connection when they meet in astounding circumstances. The drama thriller depicts the diversity of the Turkish community.

10. Rises of Empires: Ottoman

The documentary drama follows the story of Ottoman Sultan Mehmed 11 with great determination to take over the capital of Roman (Constantinople).

He wants to reshape its history that will remain unchanged for centuries. The show is an excellent shot for those who love political stratagems.

Your Turkish Adventure

If you’re planning to visit Turkey, it's a no-brainer that you have to prepare some travel tips.

With the above list of Turkish shows, you will have a clue of the dos and don’ts, how to merge in the culture, what to wear, and the specific places to visit such as Istanbul, the largest city in Turkey. You don’t want to miss any goodies in your stay.

Don’t you think a few Turkish phrases would go a long way to helping you mingle easily? You can jot down some basics in your notebook to keep connected during your adventures.