E-Commerce techniques for the COVID-19 era

The 2020s have turned out not just to be a new decade but a new era. Since the COVID-19 pandemic wreaked its year-long damage on the global economy, business owners everywhere have been searching for smarter ways of working, promoting, and earning a profit. In most cases, that means rebuilding and restarting with a stronger commitment to online selling and marketing.

One major lesson that the pandemic taught entrepreneurs was that a strong online presence offers a good deal of immunity to the effects of slow economies. When people can't shop in person, they head to their computers and other devices to buy the things they need and want. How can you make this new frame of mind work for your company? Here are several of the more effective e-commerce strategies that have a better chance of living through another pandemic, or just getting you through the one we're still in.

Go E-Commerce Friendly

There are a few ways to make your selling process more e-commerce friendly. One is to make all customer interactions computer or phone-based. If you have a physical store, do some financial analysis to see what the effect would be of replacing it with a full-on e-commerce one. If you are one of the millions of owners who lost money during the COVID lockdown, this might be a painless and profitable transition to make.

Another way to enable a more robust selling environment is to enhance video and online chat with customers and within the company. Make the assumption that the majority of workers will be home-based and all clients will be buying remotely. For a model of how this strategy can work, look at the medical field, where so many doctors now offer tele-health services, a concept that was virtually unknown just a year ago.

Use the Power of Intent SEO

What is intent SEO and how can it help you excel in e-commerce? It's a unique way of combining standard keywords with terms that reveal what consumers are looking for in their online quests. For instance, instead of using the keyword "watches," if you are a watch seller, consider adding muscle to your web content with a term like "review watches," "find low-priced watches," or "compare watch brands."

Adding one or more words that indicate the shopper's intent can make a huge difference in the amount of traffic you drive to your site. Not only can intent SEO help you improve web pages, but it allows you to boost traffic and multiply revenue. The best way to get started is to review a guide about the most effective kinds of SEO services. Paying attention to a web searcher's intention, and not just the product they're interested in, can pay big dividends for business owners who sell products and services of any kind.

Build an Engaging Blog

Consumers love interesting, engaging, relevant blogs. When done properly, even if you have to outsource the job, adding a regularly updated blog to your website can make current customers happy and bring in new ones.