HealthEating together might reduce your waistline

Eating together might reduce your waistline

Eating together might reduce your waistline

Eating is something that we all do every day, several times a day, yet have you ever stopped to think about everything related to eating.

Food can trigger so many emotions in people. There are people that comfort eat, and some that can’t eat when they are stressed, and then there are the smells of a fresh apple pie that take us back to our childhood days in a flash. We not only eat to physically nourish our bodies but there are many other factors involved when we eat.

The mere fact of sitting down at a table with knives and forks, signals to the brain that we are eating a meal not a snack. When we eat ‘on the go’ our brains will not register this as a meal. This often results in us snacking later, so that our brain feels that we have eaten enough, and that extra food needs to go somewhere right?

Society has made it easy for us, we have fast food and drive thru, so we don’t even have to get out of the car. Thinking of this, did you know that it is illegal in France to eat while driving?

When we sit down to eat a meal with family, friends or colleagues, you will find that because of the social environment you will take a little longer to eat your meal, catching up on what’s happening, taking time to listen to stories, are all social aspect of sharing a meal. The physical aspect of good digestion is a complex task, it requires a good blood supply and the body needs to be resting. Not only will eating together improve your digestion, you will end up eating what you need and not more (which helps to stabilize your weight). Your body will be able to absorb all the nutrients it requires and this time gives your body a break from the daily slog.

If you find yourself unable to stop and eat, then having a tea or coffee until you can stop is much better for you, your gut and your waistline.  

When we make a meal no matter how simple, it isn’t just about the food. There is a whole thought process that has gone into it, from deciding on the what to eat, to buying the groceries, to taking the time to make and serve up the meal. This process shows that we care and want the people to enjoy what we have prepared. This isn’t always possible every day, we live busy lives and families often find themselves with different schedules within the same household. However, eating together even if just once a week, can provide children with a sense of belonging and can help reduce stress levels. So that this time can be enjoyed by the whole family, here are a few tips to try.

Avoiding all electronics during the meal, only calling young children or teens when the meal is ready (this helps to avoid frustration), making the meal something that everyone enjoys, why not even include some finger foods, like chicken nuggets. It doesn’t have to be complicated or long but a moment in the day that gives you time to sit down, enjoy the meal and the company, creating memories, improving your digestion and your waistline.  

Click the link for my family’s tumeric chicken nugget recipe

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