• By: OLM Staff

ELLE G prepares for Darkhorse

Photo credit: Sean Sisk

One of Ottawa's own musical gems is about to break into the next phase of their career. On August 30, Elle G is releasing her new single "Darkhorse" with a launch party at The Lonestar "Loft" at 1211 Lemieux Street.

In a production from label Young, Wild & Free Records (Elle G's new label home), G will not only be unveiling her new track but giving her first live performance since signing to the label. Seb Ciel will also be featured at the event, with vocals compared to the likes of Queen in their repertoire. The instrumental guitar prowess of Michael Trudgen will also be on display, as they blend genres in their elaborate performances.

Young, Wild & Free Records is itself an Ottawa-run group, run by Jason Wilkinson who made their name as an artist on Island and Def Jam records. The whole project is part of his larger Artist Alliance agency, and tries to give up and coming artists an alternative to break into the business. Other signees on the label roster currently include Rachael Jewell and band The Selfish Hard.

We mention Wilkinson as well because they collaborated with G on this new single "Darkhorse," and helped G find where song would ultimately go. Calling on G's own inspirations as an artist, the track explores the idea of being the renegade of the bunch and working hard to stand out and succeed as the "Darkhorse." This concept is described by G as a reflection of her influence from Lady Gaga, who's made a career going against the grain.

While this idea certainly means you can expect some pop and modern production from Elle G, her sound also mixes a good essence of soul into the mix to create a strong, catchy but natural feeling in the music.

Elle G honed her musical chops playing music from the greats. Most notably she featured as a stand-in for Linda McCartney in the touring "The McCartney Years" tribute act for several years covering Paul and Linda's music. With this basis, G has a great performance background and knows just what a good song sounds like. All this time is reflected in both her lively stage persona and the confidence she exudes as a performer

Considering the time it's taken G to get to this point, the night is sure to be as exhilarating for fans as it will for her to finally get this music out.  Tickets for the show are on Eventbrite where you can get them in advance for $15.