• By: Keith Whittier

Fashion Goes Green

Photo credit: MIV Photography

Bayshore Shopping Centre and H&M collaborate for eco-fashion initiatives through “Conscious Exclusive” line

We wake up every morning, head to our closet and skim through racks of clothing. Some pieces are our favourites, some are fashion staples and some have never made the cut. Inevitably, the story always ends the same…we have nothing to wear!

Photo credit: MIV Photography

We mindlessly pick out our go-to outfit with hopes of having made a flawless selection for the day. “Will someone notice my new ripped-on-purpose jeans? They look amazing with these pumps, although I regret not wearing my flats.”

Unfortunately, none of the questions we are asking ourselves have anything to do with where the clothes on our backs are made, by whom or how our shopping habits impact the economy and the environment.

Many of the poor choices we make, come with a high price tag. Luckily, these prices are now becoming much more guilt-free and affordable, thanks to international fashion retailers like H&M’s “Conscious” and “Conscious Exclusive” lines.

Photo credit: MIV Photography

On Tuesday, April 21, Bayshore Shopping Centre hosted a private five-course dinner and intimate evening with H&M Canada’s Emily Scarlett in the centre’s Conscious Closet space for 13 Ottawa fashion bloggers. This was one of many collaborative events planned during the month of April under the H&M Conscious Closet initiative. Scarlett shared activities H&M is currently partaking in, under its eco-fashion movement. From art installations using recycled clothing, to releasing exclusive clothing items made from recycled fabrics, H&M has a lovely way of “clothing” the loop as part of its commitment to sustainable fashion.

“Partnering with H&M and ELLE Canada in creating the Conscious Closet is not only an initiative we are extremely proud to support, but one we feel our shoppers can take great pride in,” said Angie Russell, marketing director at Bayshore Shopping Centre. “We are honoured to have been chosen as the exclusive home for the Conscious Closet in Canada.”

Photo credit: MIV Photography

Available in 200 selected H&M stores worldwide, the Conscious Exclusive collection is built on a foundation of the brand’s seven commitments, each with hundreds of Conscious Actions. Through these actions—big and small, short and long term—H&M is bringing more positive fashion choices for people and the planet.

The Conscious Closet initiative ends April 30. Check the Bayshore Shopping Centre website for full details.