Fashion solutions for your home

If you are planning to renovate and redecorate your apartment or house, then move away from old and old-fashioned items if they do not fit into the space. There are many interesting solutions that can be included in the interior to make it modern and fashionable, in addition, they all make the space more practical, more functional. And this is right, important and necessary!

Most modern trends (minimalism, saving usable space, geometric shapes, environmental friendliness and naturalness of materials, calm colors) will remain relevant for a long time to come. The main concept of interior design will be convenience and maximum comfort. You might also want to consider adding a Rolex wall clock that brings simplicity and elegance to your home. 

Since many continue to work remotely (after all, remote work has already become the new norm), designers advise carefully considering the zoning of the house and paying special attention to arranging the workplace at home. It should be ergonomic and comfortable. To feel comfortable and not clutter up the space, you should pay attention to the standing desk.

Major Trends in Home Interior to Meet Your Needs

Also, to separate the workplace from the rest of the areas in the house, you can use screens. They will become not only functional, but also stylish elements of the interior (especially if they are made of environmentally friendly materials).

To create an atmosphere of privacy in a large room (for example, for online meetings), a screen or a mobile rack will help. If there is a wall behind, you can hang a picture or panel on it. A good solution would be decor from flowerpots with live plants: on the wave of environmental friendliness, they are returning as an important component of the interior and living space, giving comfort to any home.

The simplicity and clarity of the lines of furniture and decor also continue to be at the top. Among the geometric shapes this year, the most relevant will be the circle and the oval. Sharp corners fade into the background, they are replaced by soft transitions, rounded corners on furniture, arches, round and oval decor items. The retro fashion is making a comeback, particularly in the 1970s, in colors, prints and details.

The fashion for naturalness has also touched on lighting: the trend is maximum natural light, neat lamps with lamps of soft neutral tones are invisible. But large bulky chandeliers and heavy curtains are irrelevant, as they take away space and clutter up the house.

Colors, prints, materials

The American Pantone Color Institute predicts the most vibrant color palette for 2022: Ultramarine, Mint Green, Navy Blue, Cobalt, Sky Blue, Amber, Warm Golden Orange, Sunshine Yellow, Earthy Brown, Coral, Crimson, Purple. Pantone's 2022 color of the year is Very Peri (blue with a purple-red hue).

Despite this, designers continue to choose less saturated tones in natural colors and are convinced that this trend will last for a long time to come. To create comfortable interiors that will be relevant now and in the future, you should give preference to muted shades of brown, gray, green, mustard, milky, terracotta.

Top materials are those that have an unusual, but natural texture. In particular, wood, stone (marble) and glass. An unusual combination of textures is also relevant: for example, embossed textiles plus wood. If you want something new, pay attention to decorative wallpaper with embossing. A good option for a bathroom or kitchen would be matte tiles.

Together with retro motives, the pea print returns to the trends. It will be relevant both for small decorative details, and for furniture or walls. Other prints are less popular – designers continue to focus on texture and color combinations.

Home Fashion Ideas: Furniture and Decor

Minimalism in furniture has changed significantly over the past two years. If in 2021 the clear geometry of the Scandinavian style was relevant, then in 2022 the designers returned to the naturalness and softness of Japandi (a mixture of Scandi and Oriental style). It is characterized by naturalness, restraint in details, conscious use of resources and natural materials.

Designers actively use woolen carpets, fabric-covered surfaces, fabric wallpapers, blankets and pillows in their interiors. The main thing is that textiles should be natural both in appearance and to the touch.

The furniture is actually made with soft forms, from natural materials. Plush, fashionable in 2021, is moving away, instead boucle is increasingly used, and the worn effect on furniture and surfaces is no longer a sign of Provence style and is becoming more widely used.

The role of vintage furniture in modern interiors is dual: it is a nostalgic accent and at the same time fully functional. This brings us to the upcycling trend with its intention to give things a second life. For example, make a stylish coffee table out of an old sewing machine.

The decor should be minimal in quantity and as environmentally friendly as possible – the trend towards conscious consumption continues.

One of the microtrends in decor is parity: repetitive design elements in shape, color or texture. The top element of the decor will be paired round mirrors.

Convenience, comfort and sustainability remain long-term trends in interior design. These trends will help make your home stylish and cozy. One where you can work and relax with pleasure.

Photo: Spacejoy, Unsplash