Feeling frustrated about Covid, imagine how LTC residents feel.

Full disclosure…

I’m frustrated at what seems like the world right now. Truthfully, it’s mainly at the province of Ontario and, in general, the continuation of people not thinking about others.

By now, most of us have heard about the party that took place recently on a plane full of influencers from Quebec on their way to Cancun. To those who haven’t seen the videos yet, the videos show passengers crammed into a plane, mostly standing up, unmasked, and partying without a care in the world.

And it doesn’t stop there.

Locally, members of the Ottawa Paramedics also attended a party over the holidays. Since then, several people have tested positive for Covid due to contact with those Paramedics. One would think that the Paramedics would be acutely aware of the risks associated with Covid and attending parties.

Why would they even consider attending a social gathering during a time like this?

I would’ve fired them on the spot if it were up to me.

Their behaviour was risky, and it also showed a complete lack of care for their patients and their co-workers.

I’ve met and gotten to know several Paramedics over the years. There are plenty who genuinely care about their job, as well as their patients and people in general. As with most groups, there are usually a few bad apples, giving an organization a bad name or causing public distrust.

And yes, the same can be said about the Ottawa Police, at least to a degree. I don’t ever see myself saying that the Police are great. Frankly, they’re not. Much like the Paramedics, though, I have had some positive experiences with officers.

I feel bad for saying that because I know many who haven’t.

Getting back to my original topic.

In general, I’ve seen tons of examples of people attending local events and being in public spaces, not wearing masks or wearing them under their noses. I also can’t forget to mention the many who travelled by plane over the holidays and became upset when they couldn’t fly home.

In general, I try to be a positive, upbeat person, but I’m having a hard time these days.

Once again, residents in LTC homes are getting hit the hardest. Sure, some would argue that the restaurant industry and other services are being hit the hardest. Well, my big argument for that is at least they’re able to see their families or friends.

As I type this, residents in LTC homes are once again not allowed to see their families.

Sadly, in many cases, they’ll never see them again. I don’t know about you, but that sounds worse than prison to me.

What crime did residents of LTC do precisely?

Absolutely nothing!

The only crimes committed were by others only thinking about themselves and by Doug Ford.

Just look at the mess with the rapid antigen test kits.

The good news is that those kits are now being prioritized for those in high-risk settings.

To me, this is long overdue.

I can’t help but think that if it had happened sooner, residents of LTC would still be allowed to see their families.

Side note: I don’t like having to type the word “allowed” in this context. Everyone should be able to see their family.

Nobody should have to be alone, especially during these challenging times.

While on the subject, I want to remind everyone that LTC care homes aren’t just for seniors. I know several people with disabilities that have lived in a LTC home or currently reside in one.

Some of the reasons are due to medical or a lack of housing.

Regardless of the reason, they’re human. We all need to do a better job of looking after each other, even when it comes to strangers.

If you’re planning to attend or host a social gathering in the near future, please think about those who may be affected.

They may not be affected directly, but at this point, even the smallest gatherings can lead to having a big impact on others.