Find out what grammar is and start your own blog with quality as the protagonist

Have you ever changed words or whole sentences because you don't know how to spell them? Don't understand what grammar is or simply feel you can't tell the difference between a well-written sentence and one with mistakes? If your answers to these questions are 'Yes,' this is a guide for you in which you will learn what you need to start writing your own blog.

In this article, we will give you, in a simple way, the knowledge you need to become a grammar connoisseur. First, we will see what grammar is and what it is for, and finally, we will give you some tips that will help you start a blog on any topic. Remember that a good writer is not only born but made. Let's get started!

What is grammar?

Communicating is inherent to human beings. It is part of us since we have been communicating since ancient times. We search for a language and manage to put it down on paper. We have always designed a way to explain to others what we feel or want them to know. That is why grammar arises, to help us in this process and thus do it in the best way.

Grammar is the part of linguistics that studies the set of rules and the way in which the elements of language are related to form texts.

In addition, grammar analyzes the meanings of these combinations. In other words, this science studies the correct spelling of words and, therefore, becomes an important factor when communicating with others.

Grammar is also the art of speaking and writing a language correctly. It is not the same to say "what good grammar you have" as "what a good command of grammar you have."

Now you understand how important it is to know what grammar is. Imagine a world without it, a world in which there are no correct forms of writing, in which each person puts together his message and writes in the way he sees fit: without accents, without punctuation, without clear intentions. Now, imagine the number of discussions for giving a wrong reading to those messages. A bit chaotic, isn't it?

But more than understanding what grammar studies, we should know that it is divided into three main parts and that, in addition, there are many types of grammar. On the one hand, in terms of its main parts, we find the following:

  • Morphology: it is in charge of the analysis or the structure of words.
  • Syntax: studies the ways in which words are linked in a sentence and the functions they perform within it.
  • Phonetics and phonology: analyze the sounds of speech.

What are the types of grammar?

At this point, we already understand what grammar is or traditional grammar, but like any discipline, it is studied from different aspects or approaches. This means that there are different types of grammar. Let's see some of them:

  • Synchronic grammar: studies the structure or functioning of the language at a particular historical moment.
  • Historical or diachronic grammar: studies the evolution of language throughout history.
  • Descriptive grammar: a study of the components of a language (phonetics, phonology, morphology, and syntax).
  • Prescriptive or normative grammar: studies the correct uses in the cultured language.
  • Comparative grammar: studies the relations between several languages.

Why is it important to know what grammar is?

It is important to know what grammar is because if one recognizes the power of words and the proper distribution of ideas for a novel, a story, or a poem to reach its full potential, grammar becomes an essential tool for the writer. The best text is nothing more and nothing less than a set of well-chosen and well-placed words.

So don't forget, no matter what your profession is, knowing what grammar is will allow you to express your ideas and thoughts clearly and accurately. It teaches us to read, speak and write our language correctly, and it applies to everyone, which is why there is English grammar as well as any other language grammar.

Currently, the levels of competition are high, so anyone who aspires to professional success must be well-prepared and master the rules of grammar to perfection.

What can I do to improve my grammar?

Are you still thinking about building your own blog? Well, you are getting closer and closer to achieving it and in the best way. Because the most important thing is not only to know what grammar is but to improve your writing, and to do that, you must write. This will help you improve your grammar and, additionally, your spelling. Remember that this is a process, and you must go step by step to discover how to learn and improve your spelling.

It is clear that to improve in something, we must practice. The same happens with grammar. If we want to improve and internalize the grammatical rules, we must write. But one of the main problems when writing, and perhaps the culprit of most errors, is that when we do it, we do not think, from the beginning, what we want to say.

It is essential, first, to put down on paper what we want to say, and then, just as a house is built, the architecture of the story or tale takes shape.

Another good way to improve our grammar is to review those teachings we were given as children, for example, to go back to the reading and writing methods we learned in elementary school or to evaluate the way we start the ideas in our texts.

When human beings listen to words, phrases, or sentences and recognize that they are incorrect, they show that they have internalized the grammatical rules and have mastered them for the most part, that is, to understand what grammar is.

Likewise, to improve grammar or spelling, taking some creative writing courses is necessary to let your imagination run wild and internalize more and more grammatical rules.

We will give you some tips so that you can get down to work and start practicing once you understand what grammar is.

Make a list of words that are difficult for you:

If there are words that you know you have difficulties with and that you usually make mistakes in their grammar, create a list. Write each word or phrase on the list 10 times, just like writing in your school. Practice every night and eliminate the words once you think you have mastered them.

Read a lot:

Many words and rules become familiar as you see them more often. The more you read, the more words and uses of rules you will memorize, and the better you will understand the language; you will understand the features of the grammar, even if you don't notice it. A couple of little advices that help me write my essay for free – read papers from some essay services and try to take notes while reading. The texts there are specially written academically correct, the grammar is excellent.

Seek constant feedback:

This is a great exercise to improve grammar and spelling, as it allows us to understand our readers' perceptions and, at the same time, adjust to what they want.

Be a friend of spelling rules:

Play games on the internet or simply read some blogs where they explain the most important spelling rules to have flawless writing. This will ultimately improve your grammar.

We hope that today's article has helped you to solve all your doubts about what grammar is. But, more than anything else, we hope it will be the necessary tool for you to start writing your blog.