Finding seeds to grow your own marijuana

Countless individuals wish to try their hand at growing cannabis now that many states have legalized this substance for personal use. Some growers use clones to start their marijuana crop, but finding seeds remains a much easier task. Once it has been determined which seeds they will use, it's time to buy the seeds. What factors should a grower consider when doing so?

Indica or Sativa?

When choosing between Indica and Sativa strains, growers must know the benefits of each. Indica strains purchased from Weed Seeds USA typically leave a person feeling sedated and relaxed. The body feels heavy and the person may believe they are locked on the couch. They have no desire to move. Sativa strains, in contrast, leave a person feeling energized and focused. This cannabis stimulates them and they feel the effects in the brain rather than the body. Today, breeders have combined the two strains to create hybrids. A grower may wish to try a balanced hybrid to learn how they respond to it. Many people find they get the best of both worlds when they select this option.

Seed Options

After selecting a strain, the person must decide whether to purchase regular seeds, feminized versions, or autoflowering variants. Regular seeds produce both male and female plants. It falls on the grower to remove the male plants before fertilization occurs. Failing to do so leads to seedy female plants lacking the THC and CBD present in unpollinated female plants. The plant turned its focus to producing seeds rather than THC and CBD. With this option, the grower must carefully monitor the lighting in the grow area, as the plants rely on this light for development.

Autoflowering seeds, in contrast, produce buds on a schedule, regardless of how much light they receive. Many beginners choose these seeds, as they take the guesswork out of the growing process. In addition, they take less time to develop, so the person has their first crop of cannabis sooner. For those with limited room for cultivating, autoflowering plants require less space.

Feminized seeds produce female plants. Growers won't need to sex the plants and discard the male plants to get an abundant crop. The focus can turn from weeding out the males to producing a healthy crop that provides an abundant harvest. Purchase from a reputable grower and the seeds will probably come with a guarantee that all plants will be female.

Growing Cannabis

Growers find they have many options when it comes to growing cannabis. Some men and women establish a grow space indoors, while other growers choose to keep their plants outside. Hydroponics systems exist for pot cultivators, as well. Consider the benefits and drawbacks of each method to find one that works for your needs. For example, growing cannabis indoors prevents others from seeing and accessing the crop. However, some growers find the smell to be overwhelming when they grow marijuana in the home. As a result, they choose to move their plants outside.

When you are ready to grow your own cannabis, work with a reputable provider. They share information on which seeds offer the effects you desire, how to achieve the highest germination rate, and more. This supplier wants you to be satisfied so you will purchase from them in the future. To find this supplier, view various websites and read customer reviews on independent sites. Here, you will find the information needed to make the right choice.

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