Flapjack’s Canadian Diner: experiencing the real Canadian tradition!

Photos by Andre Gagne

Canada, as a multicultural country, has several restaurants which represent and reproduce those cultures. But, of course, we can't forget the Canadian culture. That could sound quite obvious, we know, but when you realized that you had tried Asian, Indian, Latin but not Canadian food like I did, there you see the need to visit a place like Flapjack's Canadian Diner.

This place is the authentic Canadian style from start to finish (or from the walls to the food!). In fact, Flapjack's began with the idea of bringing to the Capital Canadian traditional comfort foods through a creative and delicious platform.

Working every day of the year, those serving up the goods in Flapjack's will tell you that “it all began in winter 2013, with some plaid-clad people and a delicious idea. Parked in a wood fitted truck with wooden tree trunk outdoor seating, we got to work serving our specialties of Pancakes and Panwiches.”

This delicious idea is now a well-known restaurant that has an extensive menu including our personal favorite, the Classic Breakfast Panwich. The recipe is unbelievable! So simple, economical and delicious that it is impossible not to do it at home: Two buttermilk pancakes with a fried egg, two bacon strips, and cheddar cheese in between. Served with real maple syrup.

Stay tuned for the pancake mix as Flapjack’s will be releasing their own mix and pancake instructions shortly!

The perfect recipe for those who don't know cooking, moms who are teaching their kids to cook, and for those on the go! Easy, cheap, delicious and very Canadian, eh!