Ford extended warranty coverage

Whether you own a new Ford vehicle or a second-hand or a pre-owned one, you must consider investing in a worthy warranty program for the best protection of your investment. You can find plenty of warranty programs but the best option to consider is the Ford Extended Warranty. Warranty program is designed by summing up the number of options to protect its applicant from unforeseen repair costs when the actual warranty gets expired. The coverage includes labour cost and spare parts cost and some time and mileage restrictions.

In this article, we will explore the coverage options being offered by Ford for its vehicles and will highlight the best one by keeping in mind the requirements and financial position of Ford owner. We will also talk about an online source, i.e. and how can it be trusted for buying the warranty.

What are the options warranty coverage offered by the company?

Ford Motor Company has introduced four different warranty programs which are named as Ford Protect Extended Service Plans (ESPs). Each plan has its distinct features and can be bought from authorized car dealerships.

The first plan is Premium Care. This plan is designed to cover the repair of the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) that includes two main control units of the vehicle, i.e. Engine Control Unit (ECU) and Transmission Control Unit (TCU). Along with the engine warranty, it also covers the functioning of air conditioning and heating systems, audio systems, life-saving components and many other thousands of spare parts of the vehicle. This is the only most precise coverage plan made by the company.

The second plan is called the Extra Care plan. This plan limits the coverage of vehicle components to only 113 parts that also leads to the partial coverage of engine and omission of PCM or life-saving components and many other utilities.

The next plan is the Base Care Plan. This plan includes the coverage of only basic components of the vehicle that keep the vehicle going. That means it only warranties the repair and fixing of the engine and its essential components, brakes, steering and electricity, and heating and cooling functioning. However, it completely rules out the coverage of fuel-related components such as fuel tanks and lines and radiator and radiator fan as well.

Last is the POWERTRAIN Care plan. As the name suggests, this plan only warranties the repair of the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) and the related components such as the Engine Control Unit (ECU) and Transmission Control Unit (TCU). It only sums up 29 components for the warranty.

Though ECPs are covering many components ranging from heating and cooling systems to the radiators, the engine to the electric system but they lack longevity, routine maintenance like inspection of oil, headlights, brake and parking lights or some minor deteriorations. You have to purchase separate warranty plans for the tires or wear and tear of the vehicle. Also, the company has authorized only a limited number of car dealerships for the repair services under its warranty. It means that ECPs lack flexibility too. Most often, the cost of a warranty is added up in the periodic car loan payments by the dealerships which results in the accumulation of interest on warranty as well.

What is Ford Extended Warranty and why to invest in it?

In the previous paragraphs, details regarding the different warranty programs were discussed quite thoroughly that come from the manufacturer’s side. Now we will discuss the Ford Extended Warranty program and how it is beneficial for its investor.

It can be categorized as third party extended warranty as well. It starts when the actual warranty associated with the vehicle expires and the owner of the vehicle becomes responsible for paying the repair costs associated with the vehicle. When we decide to invest in a warranty program, we lookout for three benefits such as its longevity, maximum coverage, and flexible terms and conditions altogether in a single plan.

Ford Extended Warranty is the only program that meets the demands of vehicle owners. Its main features limit the out-of-pocket expenses by including coverage of thousands of components, roadside assistance 24 hours and seven days of a week, towing assistance reimbursement of travel expenses and many other repairing services. It does not limit the number of service providers which makes it more flexible. Ford Extended Warranty is light on the pocket as well. Its price keeps on escalating as per the level of services being provided. Some of the services are provided free of cost under warranty program such as roadside and towing assistance, delivery of gas and other minor wear and tear of the vehicle.

Where to buy the Ford Extended Warranty program online?

Though many online portals offer third party extended warranty programs but to get the best consultancy services, you must visit This company is serving in the industry for a long time and has built quite a reputable place because of its distinct services. It is also associated with many car dealerships and manufacturers and is always positively reviewed by its clients.

They not only serves the warranty program but also offers other varieties for different vehicles such as Lincoln, Fusion, Mustang and many more. The experts working behind the website make untiring efforts to provide the best to its customers by thoroughly searching the market dynamics and collaborating with the best providers.

The website has divided third party extended programs into four different categories, and those are bronze coverage, silver coverage, gold coverage, and platinum coverage. These categories are differentiated based on time and mileage and are priced accordingly. The bronze category covers you for six years and includes common repairs. Silver category works up to seven years and covers the main systems of the vehicle. Gold category can be chosen for the vehicle drove for 60,000 miles and covers many components on flexible terms whereas platinum coverage covers nearly all of the vehicle components.