• By: Allen Brown

Four great tips for revamping your cottage, while retaining the charm

As summer winds down and fall quickly approaches, tasks from your summer to-do list may have been left unchecked. For those who own a cottage that has survived another busy season, this may mean preparing it for some renovations.

The market for cottages is still red hot; just take a glance at some of the Port Carling cottages for sale – It’s easy to see why so many are saying goodbye to the city and hello to the quiet ways of cottage living.

But if your cottage feels a little dated and in need of some love, here are some great cottage reno tips.

Kitchens are King

As is true for almost all real estate, kitchens are one of the best rooms to renovate in a cottage. Kitchens need to be both inviting and functional. Even minor renovations can help to keep your family, friends, or paying visitors happy while adding value to the property.

A kitchen renovation doesn’t have to mean an entire gut job either. New appliances in the kitchen can make the space feel new without requiring any renovations and can also help with efficiency and functionality. Replacing old cabinets or just some fresh paint, and adding lots of storage, can make a kitchen feel new.

In terms of layout, open concept designs are best, as they can make a kitchen feel larger and light, especially if you have a larger family or frequent gatherings.

Check Behind the Surfaces

While surface-level aesthetic changes to your cottage are significant, it’s important to investigate the unseen aspects of your cottage first. If you are fortunate enough to use your cottage all year round, making sure walls, ceilings, and floors are adequately insulated will ensure the most efficient use of the space. You will also help to prevent ice dams and potentially dangerous icicles.

Plumbing is a huge deal when it comes to cottages as well, and septic problems can be all too common in cottages. Ensuring your pipes and plumbing are all running correctly and are correctly insulated is essential in keeping your cottage running smooth and preventing potentially costly issues.

Make Old Areas Feel New

People don’t usually come to the cottage for ultra-modern designs. Still, fresh paint can make an old space feel new while maintaining a homey and inviting atmosphere. Even standard white paint does wonders for a cottage as it reflects natural light, is neutral for any other accent colours you choose and is a design staple.

While you’re at it, new accent pieces like pillows or vases with matching pops of colour can make old structures seem intentional in design.

Outside Space

Whether your cottage is on the water or hidden in the trees, cottages should be all about the outdoor experience. Depending on the size of your space, consider having an area dedicated to cooking, tanning in the sun, reading in the shade, eating, playing, or whatever it is you like to do at the cottage. Making a great outdoor space will truly be one of your best investments in a cabin renovation.

Photo: Pexels