Gaming’s popularity continues to rise – but what are the most popular game genres in Canada?

As we take our first tentative steps into 2021, it seems as if just about everyone is into gaming. It is being heralded as the new pastime for the masses, bigger that watching movies, listening to music or following sport. Whether gaming is really set to become such a major part of our lives as that is still open to question. However, it is undeniable that the ubiquity of the smartphone has placed a handy window into gaming quite literally in the palm of our hands.

But what do we really mean by “gaming” and what type of games are causing such fascination to the Canadian populace? Here, we take a look at the most popular gaming genres among Canadian players, according to research carried out by Statista and by the Entertainment Software Association of Canada.

Action Adventure

The most popular gaming genre in Canada is Action Adventure. This should come as no real surprise, as it encompasses some of the most iconic titles in gaming history, and games that many adult gamers will remember fondly from their teenage years. These include classics like The Legend of Zelda, the Tomb Raider series and Grand Theft Auto. They are games that you would traditionally expect to play on a console, but that are gradually making the shift to iOS and Android. Of the three mentioned above, there are mobile versions of GTA and Tomb Raider readily available, while an Android version of Zelda has supposedly been in the works for the past three years.


Canadians love their sport, and sport-themed video games have always attracted older gamers, or those who would not otherwise be interested in playing games. What sports fan can resist the attraction of a kick-around on FIFA or perhaps taking their team to Super Bowl glory in John Madden? Sport games attained a new level of significance in 2020 when virtual events started to hit the headlines during lockdown.


Of course, when it comes to gaming for adults, there is one genre that was already popular 100 years before anyone had heard of the internet. We all like to unleash our inner James Bond from time to time, and Canadian free spins on registration have made cyberspace the most tempting place to do so. Again, this has especially been the case given the unique circumstances we have faced during the course of 2020. Those free spins ensure there is always an interest in slot games. But players are also flocking to traditional casino games such as roulette, poker and blackjack in record numbers.

Battle Royale

Of course, the gaming sensation of the past five years had to feature somewhere here. The interesting thing about Battle Royale is that the genre has traditionally been encapsulated by just two games, Fortnite and PUBG. That, however, is now starting to change, and once again, it all comes down to the shift to mobile. New alternatives started to gain traction in 2020. Keep a look out for games like Rules of Survival and Creative Destruction, which are set to be the next big hits.

Photo: JESHOOTS.COM, Unsplash