• By: Kat Walcott

Get Organized and Tidy for the New Year

Do you know that January is National Get Organized Month? With a new year, comes a fresh start, so there really isn’t any other time better than now to declutter, tidy up and organize your space. Though organizing is a physical process, it is highly beneficial to your mental, emotional and spiritual health.

According to organization queen Marie Kondo (Anyone else currently OBSESSED with her Netflix show “Tidying Up?”), tidying up is not just about organizing your physical space, it’s about “tidying and simplifying your life.” Here are a few tips to help you get organized for 2019!

Donate Old or Unused Clothing

Clothes are something that very quickly accumulates, especially when you live in good ol’ Canada where an endless supply of sweaters, socks and scarves feels very much necessary. However, we all have pieces sitting around that we don’t like any more or that don’t fit. Make it a habit to go through your wardrobe at least twice a year and get rid of anything that you don’t wear anymore. You may even find gems hidden in the back of your closet that you love but forgot about, so this doesn’t necessarily have to be all about letting go. Unwanted clothing that is still in good condition can be donated to friends, family or a local charity. Alternatively, if you have designer items or items that still have tags, consider re-selling them at a gently used clothing store like Plato's Closet or through a clothing re-selling app like DePop.

Clear Up Flat Surfaces

Flat surfaces like tables, desks, shelves and counters often become free-for-alls when it comes to collecting clutter and it can be quite an eye-sore. For a more minimalistic, clean look, try to keep surfaces as clear as possible with just a couple specifically chosen items on them. This may be a vase of flowers in the middle of your dining table, a funky lamp on your bedside table or anything else that “sparks joy” as Marie Kondo herself would say. A good way to eliminate surface clutter is to store items in boxes or neatly packed away in drawers. This will not only look cleaner, but optimize the use of these surfaces for their intended purpose like eating on if it’s a dining table or doing work on if it’s your desk.

File Away Paperwork & Documents

Paper is another thing that just piles up. Whether it’s old mail, bank statements, old school assignments, there just always seems to be endless paper piling up in every corner of the home. Though it’s daunting, going through all this paper will give you a clearer state of mind. Firstly, if you’re still getting paper bills and bank statements, do yourself a HUGE favour and switch to online statements. You’ll save trees and prevent future clutter. Yay! For any paper documents you want to keep, scan them onto a hard drive and dispose the paper copies, or organize the documents in labeled binders or folders for safe keeping.

Digital Clean Up

Though this doesn’t relate to your physical space, it’s arguably just as important for your state of mind. If you’re anything like me, your phone and laptop screens quickly get cluttered with various apps, documents, bookmarks and much more. Did you know that this not only makes things hard to find, but can also slow your device down? Delete any old files and organize things into folders. Having just 4 or 5 folders organized on the desktop as opposed to 20 different items taking over your screen will just right away make you feel more organized. Don’t forget a cute, inspirational desktop wallpaper and you’re set!