• By: Allen Brown

Get ready for Ghost Drops and its plans to bring its iconic brand to the legal market

Following more than six years as a major figure in the underground market, Ghost Drops is poised to become a major player in the legal market. Retaining all the quality that made it such a hit with fans in the legacy market, the company has plans on becoming a game-changer.

To date, no underground company has been able to make a significant impact in the legal market, since legalization in 2018. That’s about to change. Ghost Drops is going legal – bringing with it its considerable reputation, extensive legacy catalogue, and its partnerships with award-winning cultivators and geneticists.

Adding to these qualities, Ghost Drops has a secret weapon: new CEO and interim COO, Gene Bernaudo, a figure well known in legacy market circles. Bernaudo is the former President and Global Head of Cannabis at international brand Ignite. In his new roles, Bernaudo will employ his significant market experience as well as his knowledge about brand recognition and growth. His roster of industry contacts and partnerships will also be a powerful resource.

The goal is to take Ghost Drops to a place to new highs, while honouring its legacy and its loyal supporters. Doing so, according to Bernaudo, is the way for expansion and the chance to be everything the company can become.

The timing is right for Ghost Drops and for the market in general.

“There is only so far a brand can go in the legacy market,” Bernaudo notes. “Ghost Drops grew to a point where it only made sense to move our legacy into the legal market. We see it as our duty to make quality cannabis more accessible to our consumers. Our duty to bring the finest geneticists and cultivators to the forefront of the cannabis industry where they belong. And our duty to provide an unparalleled experience to any consumer looking to access truly craft cannabis.”

Bernaudo plans to steer Ghost Drops in a direction that ensures no one is left behind; legacy customers will continue to be valued. At the same time, the plan is to convert those customers to the legal market, something that has not been done on a large scale since the emergence of the legal market in 2018.

There are no plans for Ghost Drops to change the way it does things and what it represents. The emphasis on quality products will remain top of the company’s list of priorities. That’s also true of the ongoing research and development of new products that capture the interest of an expanding market; innovation will always be part of what makes Ghost Drops a company people can trust.

Bernaudo’s plans are more ambitious than simply entering the legal market and bringing along its current customer base. Ghost Drops is on a mission to change that market for the better.

As Bernaudo puts it, Ghost Drops is “here to slay the legal market. We’re working with our collaborators to bring our apex legacy strains to the masses. We’re bringing our legacy market quality and culture to the legal market”.

How the company will realize this goal is clear to Bernaudo. It all goes back to quality. As he notes, Ghost Drops places an emphasis on quality in every aspect of the operation. The result is that quality raw materials go in and quality finished products go out. Doing so will help the business to offer the best in cannabis products anywhere in Canada.

From the perspective of Gene Bernaudo, that means retaining everything that made Ghost Drops into a force to be reckoned with in the underground market and using those strengths to take the lead in the legal market. He doesn’t see that as a stretch.

“Ghost Drops is delivering everything legal market consumers have been denied … the very best small-batch, craft cannabis in Canada, developed through collaborations with the most innovative geneticists and cultivators out there.”

This is what Bernaudo says will help Ghost Drops become the industry standard for the legal market. “We are what the legal market was always supposed to be – and we’ve taken it upon our shoulders to convert legacy market consumers into legal market consumers.”

Watch the story unfold as Ghost Drops works toward its first major product release before the end of 2021.