Grow your online business with these six simple changes

After getting your eCommerce store set up, you should begin closing sales instantly, right? Wrong. Merely setting up your store is hardly enough to drive sales and you must implement strategies to get the attention of prospective clients and encourage them to buy. This is where things get tricky, although there are basic changes you can make to boost eCommerce sales.

1. Offer Live Chat Support

Sometimes, potential shoppers will not convert because they have questions or doubts that ought to be addressed. They will leave the website, possibly with an intention to call you or send a mail to have certain issues clarified. Providing live chat support ensures problems are solved in real time and shoppers enjoy a better experience finding what they need.

2. Use Retargeting Ads

Retargeting ads are not like the usual advertisement banners. They are served to potential shoppers who have visited your eCommerce store already or happen to be in your contact database. There are things you can do to keep your prospective clients engaged with retargeting and they include:

  • Segment your audience and provide each group with creative and relevant content
  • Leverage email and remind prospects of specific items they searched for
  • Use CRM retargeting to display ads to customers in your database
  • Get smart with attribution and the process of detecting a sequence of user actions

Incorporating new innovations will better your odds of getting more value for each retargeting campaign. A digital marketing approach that starts with your end goals in mind can help maximize your return on investment.

3. Email Segmentation

Email list segmentation involves dividing your email list into segments to ensure that each group of clients receives unique and relevant messages. To increase customer engagement and sales, you can create unique value propositions for each segment of prospective clients who have given you permission to send them promotional and informational email marketing campaigns.

4. Run a Contest

Your brand is as good as people say it is. To get people talking about your brand and products in a good way, you should consider running contests and promotions on your channel. This will engage current and prospective customers and your followers may even share your campaign information, helping you create a long referral list.

5. Create Social Media Bonuses

Your loyal customers are your greatest brand advocates. There are social media tools you can use to identify your greatest influencers and reward them for promoting your brand in their own small way. To further boost customer referrals, consider expanding your promotions and bonuses to include other influential brands. Cross promotions are a win because your friend group will check out the influential brand you recommend and vice versa. To boost customer referrals, you should:

  • Identify the right social networks with your target audience
  • Offer incentives
  • Customize your messages
  • Promote exclusivity to make prospective clients feel special

6. Build Product Bundles

A package deal offers more value to the customers and allows your business to make more sales at one go! You can also use your bundles to:

The idea of this strategy is to encourage customers to buy more. You can reduce the price of a few products or you can develop exclusive packaging and build a limited-edition offer. This way, you’ll broaden the appeal of your products and actually lead to a higher overall order value.