Guide to Finding an Affordable Personal Loan

If you need to pay off debt or make an important purchase, consider getting a personal loan. This form of financing is useful for a wide range of expenses – home renovation, medical bills, or car repair. However, lenders are not the same in charging interest rates for this loan. Thus, look for an affordable rate to reduce the cost of your loan repayment.

Your goal of getting a low-interest-rate personal loan depends on various factors. For instance, an excellent credit score is a significant factor in getting an affordable rate loan. Check these credit score tips from AimFinance help you to improve your credit rating.

Well, let us know more about how to get a personal loan with a low interest rate.

Personal Loans: Secured and Unsecured

Many lenders offer secured and unsecured personal loans. If you are a newbie applicant for this loan, you should understand these two types of personal loans.

Secured Personal Loans

Before the borrower gets approval for a secured personal loan, he must provide collateral for the money he will borrow. The lender needs something to serve as a security for the money he lends to the borrower if ever the latter fails to follow his obligation to pay the debt.

Anything that has a similar value to the loan can be used as collateral. Jewelry, a car, and a real estate property can serve as security for the loan.

Unsecured Personal Loans

Borrowers need not provide collateral if they are applying for unsecured loans. Since there is no need to pledge collateral, the lender will determine the capacity of the borrower to pay what he owes based on his credit score and monthly income.

Checking the borrower’s credit history and income is crucial for the lender. A high credit score and a reasonable monthly salary can help the loan applicant qualify for the loan.

These factors can also allow the borrower to get a low-interest rate and a higher loan amount. The application process and discharge of funds are also easier and faster if you have a high credit score and a good income.

What to Consider When You Apply for a Personal Loan?

Take note of other expenses besides the principal amount in your loan payment. A part of the loan amount, interest, and other fees make up your loan payment each month. It is also vital to consider the length of the loan term and how it will affect your budget. Here are some items to keep in mind when getting a personal loan.

Interest Rate

A loan's interest rate is a vital feature to consider when borrowing money from a lender. The interest forms part of the overall cost of the loan. The higher the interest rate, the more money you must pay the lender. There may be a standard rate in a particular market, but it still depends on the lender. Your credit score can affect what interest rate the lender will offer you.

Loan Term

The length of time you will be paying a personal loan is called the loan term. Like the interest rate, the loan term also affects your loan repayment cost.

A loan with a longer duration typically comes with lower monthly payments, but it does not mean the loan is affordable. Calculating the overall cost plus the span of time you will be paying what you owe can turn out that a long-term loan is more expensive than a short-term loan. It is because you will be paying a part of the loan’s interest each month.

Ancillary Fees

It is wise to ask the lender if you will be paying ancillary costs for the loan. Sometimes personal loans come with origination and late payment fees. It will be shocking on your part to pay much more on the loan if you are not aware of additional fees beforehand.

Applying for a Low-Interest Rate Personal Loan

Obtain a copy of your credit report because it can help the lender decide on your loan application. Knowing your credit score beforehand expedites the loan application process, and it helps you determine if you can qualify for a favorable interest rate.

A fair credit score is proof of missed payments or loan defaults in the past. For such reasons, lenders are wary of borrowers with low credit scores. The lender will either not approve your loan or allow you to obtain it but with a higher interest rate. Aside from your credit score, you should possess a reasonable monthly income to get loan approval from the lender.


If you have a good credit score, obtaining a personal loan with a low-interest rate will be simple. So, to find out if you are creditworthy or not, constantly check your credit history and rating. Also, know the other factors that can lower the overall cost of your loan, such as the loan term and ancillary fees.