Have you heard about MuchBetter payment method?

Since the Internet and the mobile internet/smartphone revolution, people are continually looking for the most secure and user-friendly payment methods to manage their everyday online shopping sprees. One of them is MuchBetter, an award-winning payment app that will help you make online and offline transactions with ease.

MuchBetter is an app-based eWallet designed to change how you spend, keep, and send money. This is a dynamic new payment method developed primarily to suit the global iGaming industry but can also be used for other online transactions. The website Muchbettercasino.com explains how it exactly works. MuchBetter is a multi-device digital solution allowing its clients to make online payments on any modern device, in-app, and offline. 

The company, established in July 2017, tends to cater to younger generations, which are 100% Internet-focused and mobile-addicted. Hence, MuchBetter set out to devise the payment solution that requires minimum effort, is mobile-friendly, and processes transactions in a flash.

Suited for the gambling industry, and different online merchants, as well as everyday purchases, MuchBetter digital payment is designed to cover all their needs to the fullest. MuchBetter ensures simple, safe, and even rewarding payments bypassing usual setbacks and restrictions of conventional banking. 

MuchBetter is available in more than 180 countries, with over 150,000 active users. This eWallet is accepted by hundreds of different merchants, including MuchBetter casinos, sportsbooks, poker and slots sites, among others.

As a leading payment app for players in Europe, MuchBetter can also help gaming operators spread the reach and win new customers in emerging markets by enabling localized setups. Some of the latest target markets accepting MuchBetter digital payments are Brazil and Canada.

To use the service, download the app (from Apple Store or Google Play), set up the free account, and deposit funds via credit or debit cards, bank transfer, or cryptocurrency. Payments with MuchBetter balance is similarly easy. You only need your mobile phone number to access MuchBetter service, specify the amount you want to pay, click Submit, and within seconds, the app will notify you that you have to approve this transaction. Log-in to the app and tap the Send Money button, and you’re all done.

However, as a genuinely innovative online payment provider, MuchBetter has a range of other super-cool wearable payment devices, such as contactless key-fob, or Much Better watch.

Suppose you wish to use MuchBetter on your favorite online gaming site. In that case, you will benefit from easy gambling account management, rewards from the gambling sites, easy access to your winning via the app, the lowest fees, real-time transactions, and free Mastercard (within EEA) for fast payouts.

Moreover, the MuchBetter eWallet app offers better currency conversion rates than your bank, and you can forget about complex and tedious password procedures.

Hope we managed to convince you to try this payment option. Just pick your favorite MuchBetter casino, and try your luck.