Hidden gems of New York

New York City consistently tops the ratings as the most popular tourist destination in the USA. For Ottawa residents, in particular, the 90-minute flight time and wealth of airlines operating the route make it the perfect venue for a weekend break. If you're going for a day trip, make some logistics planning ahead of time – like finding places to store your luggage, or wheelchair accessible transportation throughout the city should it be needed.

Most first-timers gravitate straight to the usual suspects: The Empire State Building, The Statue of Liberty, Central Park and so on. These are certainly not to be missed, but look around some corners and down some side streets and there are lesser-known gems to be found. Here are some ideas for your next trip.

Resorts World

The city that never sleeps has its own little piece of Vegas tucked away in Jamaica, a neighbourhood in Queens. Resorts World looks like it has been transported straight from The Strip and is a sprawling entertainment venue. Those who enjoy online games on platforms like Bitcoin.io live casino will love the two-floor casino that boasts around 6,000 slots and table games. The venue also offers live entertainment, plus coverage of major sporting events on big screens. A choice of food options, from a quick coffee and sandwich to a multi-course fine dining experience, offer something for every taste and budget.

The Elevated Acre

While Resorts World is a bustling attraction in an otherwise quiet neighbourhood, The Elevated Acre is the opposite, an oasis of calm amid the chaos of Manhattan’s Financial District. This elevated garden sits high above busy Water Street and offers amazing views of the Hudson River and the Brooklyn Bridge. It’s a great place for a 30-minute time out as you relax amid the sculptures and water features. There’s even a beer garden where you can sample a range of the city’s craft brews.

The Whispering Gallery

The secret is out as far as this hidden gem is concerned, and it is starting to make its way into the city guides. But if you’ve not checked it out, add it to your schedule, especially if you’re having a romantic weekend away with your significant other. The gallery is within the confines of Grand Central Station on the dining concourse, just outside the Oyster Bar. A peculiarity of the curved ceilings means that when two people stand at opposite diagonal arches, they can hear each other’s whispers, despite the noise and hubbub of the station around them.

Sunset Park

On the subject of romance, if you’ve never seen a New York sunset, there’s only one place to do so. Forget the Empire State Building or Rockefeller Center. Southern Brooklyn’s Sunset Park is so named for a reason. It offers a magical perspective on Manhatten as the light slowly fades behind the skyscrapers.

The Morgan Library

In this modern age, where we have so much information available at the click of a link on our smartphones, libraries seem like something from another era. That’s certainly the case with the Morgan Library, on Madison Avenue close to 36th Street. In fact, it looks like something transported from another world entirely, and you would not be surprised to bump into Harry Potter or Professor Dumbledore in its corridors. As well as the wealth of ancient books and manuscripts, the venue hosts regular arts and literary exhibitions.

Museum of Ice Cream

The streets of New York are littered with museums, covering every imaginable theme. But perhaps the most unusual is the Museum of Ice Cream. After the success of its pop up shop in 2016, it became a permanent fixture in the Meatpacking District last year. With lickable exhibits and plenty of products to sample, it offers an experience that is both informative and delicious.

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