Holiday Cheer: Two Oceans Mimosa

Why should the holiday cheer end in the New Year? We say, extend that good spirit and start 2014 off right!

For brunch and breakfast lovers, the perfect companion to your eggs benedict, spinach omelet or even steak and eggs is the classic mimosa. So simple and easy to mix, the mimosa is a refreshing way to ease into your day. By combining some fresh orange juice and the Two Oceans Sauvignon Blanc Extra Dry Sparkling Wine you’ve got the final touch for a complete and perfect meal in the morning.

Whether you’re hosting the meal or you re the guest, the Two Oceans is a must-have in the kitchen. There is no better way to top off your OJ than with a bit of this sparkling wine which is sweet and still has a full body of flavour.


Hailing from South Africa, the Two Oceans is named for the meeting of the Atlantic Ocean and the Indian Ocean which find each other on the southern coast of Africa. What better representation of this namesake than the mimosa, where the orange juice converges with the sparkling wine… and then what better sparkling wine to use than Two Oceans Sauvignon Blanc Extra Dry.