Hottest stacked bob haircut looks in 2019

The best choice of a stacked bob haircut is something that can effortlessly transform your looks for the better. Stacked haircuts are ridiculously stylish and modern, and therefore you shouldn't have doubts when choosing them. They can either be super short in length or mid-length depending on the style you need.

The most important thing for rocking stacked haircut is ensuring that the back part is trimmed to perfection. Because it is stacked at the nape, the back is the main point of view of the entire style, and therefore it must be done correctly. If this is the first time you are considering a stacked bob haircut, just envisage a rounded back using gradual layering and usually subtly angled to the front. Here are some common stacked bob hairstyles which fit a variety of hair types. Continue reading and choose the ideal one for you.

Stacked Bob for Women with Thin Hair

When you look at this haircut from the back, you will understand why it works so perfectly for ladies with thin hair. By opting for an angled layered style, you come up with a look that reveals your strands and thicker than they were initially.

Sleek Stack

The main advantage of this bob haircut is the rounded stiletto that appears seamless when paired with straight hair. Perfectly angled and then highlighted with soft layers, this hairstyle appears fantastic on anyone.

Stacked Bob and Wispy Layers

An angled bob haircut is currently the talk of the town for the right reasons. Applying texturizing spray and tousling your locks using creamy wax changes your standard haircut to a modern hairstyle with a laid back vibe.

Short Blonde Stacked Bob and Piece-Y Layers

A graduated bob haircut paired with choppy layers gives you a shattered silhouette style. This hairstyle is ideal for women with squire and rectangular face shapes, especially if they have a chin-length frontal hair.

Stacked Bob and Bangs

In this stacked bob haircut, an additional lift is realized by blow-drying your hair and then round brushing it with your hair upside down. After shampooing and conditioning, lift the hair by flipping your head. This is a sure way to add height to women with a flat head and find it challenging to maintain volume in the crown.

Stacked Jaw-Length Bob

Short bob haircuts appear edgier compared to standard blunt and subtly layered bob. They appear extra sassy but they can be worn for any occasion- a Friday night after work, at the office, in town or even at the local café. Depending on the event you want to attend, you would want to customize your haircut to suit that particular event. The haircut is super versatile.

Short Layered Bob and Lightly Highlighted Bangs

To make your hair lively without destroying it, consider incorporating subtle highlights in your bangs. These understated touches will boost hue and length without interfering with the health of your hair. Style the bangs swoopy using a straightener to reveal the dimension of your hair.

Two-Toned Angled Stack

Like old wine, this two-toned layered bob haircut is so sweet. It is styled by bringing platinum blonde and fuchsia for fierce contrast.

Platinum Blonde Bob

The best thing about stacked bob haircuts is their ability to highlight the volume of even the finest strands and this haircut is a classic example to support that. The hair is layered at the back for some oomph. It improves it even more, and you can use a texturizer and comb it with a fine-toothed comb, and tease the roots to improve dimension.

Inverted Bob Undercut

An undercut is what defines and sets aside this statement-making bob haircut. Though there is no unique styling of this haircut, the minimal styling and toned-down colours, it is all that makes the difference. This is effortlessly achieved by the use of a round brush while you blow dry your hair

Sharp Angled Stack

This hairstyle incorporates dramatic layers at the back and long and straight strands at the front. This makes it a great look for ladies who need a bob with ease maintenance of a pixie cut.

Pure Blonde Bob

You can rock this bob haircut in any occasion; hence it is admired by ladies for its versatility. You only need to dye your hair with the shade according to the event you are attending.