How betting odds affect the betting trends

The 55th Super Bowl is coming, and people are now starting to follow the NFL odds and looking back into Super Bowl betting trends over the past years. A betting trend is equivalent to public money. It represents the quantity of the bet placed on both sides. But does betting odds affect betting trends? 

You can assess what the majority of the public projected to happen throughout the game. This data can be used to help you decide which team to wager on an upcoming event. Knowing where the public entrusted their bets is essential if you want to chase the trend.

Betting Odds On Betting Trends

Some factors are needed to consider in betting trends, especially in team trends. One of these factors is the odds. You will need to look at the betting odds to know who is the favourite and who is the underdog in a Super Bowl game.

It is important to consider this factor when you are betting based on betting trends. Some of the most popular betting trends on the Super Bowl have a lot to do about the odds. For example, Favourites win the Super Bowl most of the time.

However, the latest trends suggest that underdogs recently have the edge over the favourites as the number of underdogs winning the Super Bowl has increased. These are just a few examples of how betting odds can affect betting trends.

Betting trends can be available in all betting types, from point spread, prop bets, and money lines. Whichever betting type you choose, you will always stumble upon betting trends. Use this to your advantage and let it help you choose the right team to wager.

Example of Popular Super Bowl Betting Trends

Here are some of the examples of the Super Bowl Betting trends in the past years to have a clear understanding of the betting trends.

  • Regular season performance means nothing.

Even if a particular team performed the worst in the regular season, they are still likely to win the super bowl. In the last 14 years, only two teams with a great performance in their regular-season games won the Super Bowl. The rest is dominated by teams who didn’t perform well in the regular season.

  • Small spreads favor underdogs.

In the last four Super Bowls, underdogs were straight 3-1 with a less than three spread.

  • Experience is not a plus.

Some teams who won the Super Bowl in the past years do not have enough experience compared to other participating teams in the league.

  • Lucky Colour

Yup! Even jersey colours became a betting trend. Crazy, isn’t it? If you are not a superstitious person, you may want to reconsider this lucky colour jersey in the Super Bowl. 13 out of 15 Super Bowl winners wore white jerseys, which makes this a trend in the Super Bowl. Is it Luck? Or Is it just a coincidence? We will see in this upcoming Super Bowl 55

What Is Betting Odds?

As you can see on the sample of Super Bowl betting trends that were given, odds played a significant role in how trends were made. Odds are the ratio of the probability of a specific game and your winnings, which is why it is everywhere, especially betting.

If you bet, you are betting on the possibilities. There is no definite bet. All of it is based on what you think will happen. This is why it is called gambling, as you do not know the outcome yet you wager on it. Therefore you gamble your chance to win or lose.

If you are betting on sports, you can notice that each team is assigned a number. This number is the odds that represent the probability of them winning a particular game. For instance, Team A has a 5 to 1 odds, which means that Team B is five times more likely to win the game.

Favourite VS Underdog Odds

In sports betting, the favourite/underdog bet is a two-way bet. There are always two sides to this kind of bet. The favourite is the safest choice but will only give you a small profit due to the low risk.

If you want to profit more, you have to bet for the underdog, which is a very risky move. You may win more, but the chances are low, which is unlike betting for the favourite.

If you want a definite win, you should wager for the favourite team this coming Super Bowl. But if you are betting for entertainment, it is best to go for the risky side for a more exciting experience. It’s no doubt that you will surely be entertained.


Odds have a huge impact on betting. It does not matter what approach you are opting for. It is always important to consider the odds in betting much more in betting via betting trends. Changes in odds can alter the expected result of a game.

Photo: Foundry Co, Pixabay