How can you find career opportunities?

Finding career opportunities can be incredibly difficult, especially if you are solely trying to find a job online or if you are searching within your local area only — with many people in rural areas unable to get to the jobs that they hear about. Whether you want to find a new job locally or abroad, this article will concentrate on some of the best options that are available to you post-graduation in order to open doors to your professional future.

Conduct Industry Research

Before you start to seek career opportunities after graduation, you should conduct industry research to find out the most common pathways toward your dream career, as well as the locations within which your skills and expertise are most sought after. For instance, many countries have hotspots for certain industries, such as Silicon Valley in California for those seeking an IT or tech-based career. By conducting this research, you will be able to determine the types of jobs that are on offer to you in the future and the places that you might have to go in order to apply for the roles that you have wanted since university or college.

Move Location

In order to be in with a chance to find the best career opportunities many people decide that they should move location, especially if they come from a rural area or if the type of job that they want is not available in the area in which they live. This is especially the case after graduation, as it is likely that you have traveled across the country and even abroad in order to gain a qualification that might not be useful to any of the jobs that are available in your home town. Post-graduation is also the perfect time to move as this is one of the only times in your life when you are not likely to have ties and other commitments that could potentially keep you within the same area for a long time. If you are going to move to a different district or country, however, you should make sure that you obtain a job before you move to ensure that you are able to pay your bills in the location of your choice.

Attend Career Fairs

If you are unsure about the types of jobs that are available in your home town or even in a new location, you should aim to visit career fairs and look at national and international job boards. These can help you to get on your feet after graduation by giving you a clear insight into the jobs that are in the most demand and those that you meet the requirements for. Career fairs also give you the opportunity to get hired on the day by speaking face-to-face with employers who might be interested in the skills and knowledge that you cultivated during your education.

Take an Online Degree

After graduation, it is likely that you may feel overwhelmed by the options ahead of you. However, taking an online degree is one of the best options for graduates to open even more doors, as it can allow you to remain competitive in the job market by taking an additional qualification while also working in a practical environment. However, not every degree of your choice can be taken within Canada, and you might have to move in order to take the perfect course for you. For instance, Carson-Newman University in Tennessee offers an MSN FNP in nursing that can help you to prepare for leadership roles, while also enabling you to learn within a Christian-based culture even if your course is presented solely online.

Network on a Local and National Level

If you are looking for opportunities after university both in your local area and abroad, you should consider networking on both a local and national level in order to find the right jobs for you. This will enable you to be able to be matched to the best job for you regardless of location. You should also join professional groups and societies. You will get information about opportunities and news, not only about the industry in your local area, but across your whole country and even the world.

Ask Family and Friends

If you are unable to find a job straight after graduation, it might be worth asking your friends and family whether they have any connections which you may be able to utilize, especially if you are following in their professional footsteps. If the opportunities they secure for you involve moving to their area, you might also be able to get support from them in terms of funding, connections and even living arrangements. This can help you to get your career off to a flying start.

Photo: Tim Gouw, Unsplash