How families are staying close during COVID: Tips to stay connected

Now that most of us are socially distancing and minimizing contact, you may find yourself feeling nostalgic for family reunions. Those cozy gatherings full of laughter and family stories feel like such a distant memory when we can’t all be in the same space to celebrate. So, how does a person recreate those same feelings of familial closeness in a time like this?

If you’re missing the good times with your family during the COVID-19 pandemic, fret not. We have a whole list of suggestions that will make remote bonding feel as warm and welcoming as in-person parties with relatives!

Try some of these simple ideas, like restoring an old water-damaged photograph or two to learn more about your family history, or asking your parents to play online checkers with you. These basic tips will help you feel more connected to your family, no matter the time difference or distance!

Take Online Classes Together

Chances are you share certain interests with your siblings or parents. Thankfully, there are plenty of online classes being offered to occupy the time of the curious and homebound. Yoga, cooking, or even pottery-making – you name it, it’s online!

Schedule a shared class with your family members so you can learn a new skill together and bond over the learning experience. Bonus: it’ll give you more things to talk about during your next family video call!

Trace Your Family History Together

With plenty more free time on your hands and the power of the Internet, there’s no time like the present to do a little digging into your family roots. Sift through your old albums and get vintage pictures restored to start making a family tree.

Ask your parents and other relatives about the people in the photos, your family’s cultural practices, and why you still do certain customs. It will help you connect with your family (even the distant ones!), learn more about where your family came from, and give new significance to your family’s traditions!

Schedule Weekly Catch-Up Calls With Your Family

Now, more than ever, keeping a routine is important for nurturing close connections. Schedule a weekly family call as you would a family dinner. Make a little event of it where everyone enjoys a meal in front of the screen and talks about their day and their thoughts. This allows you and your family to stay updated about what’s happening in each other’s lives, and it reminds you of the significance of setting aside time to catch up with your loved ones.

Write Letters Or Postcards To Each Other

Yes, you could always send each other a quick email, but there’s something nostalgic and wonderful about receiving a letter in the mail and recognizing the handwriting on the envelope. Take time to write letters to your family members to share your little thoughts – maybe even doodles, if you want to add some artistic flair. They’ll appreciate the extra effort that goes into putting pen to paper.

Hot tip: Insert dried flowers or fun little stickers to share. It’s a mini-gift that will let them know you wanted to brighten up their day.

Call Them, Whether Online Or Over The Phone

Never underestimate how important a call can be to a family member. It can be very comforting and personal to hear a beloved sibling’s voice on the other end, or to see your mom and dad’s faces as they smile from the other side of the screen.

Even if it’s just for a few minutes, send them a quick message asking if they’re free for a quick catch-up call. Ask them about their day – they will be touched by this small gesture of concern.

Find out what they’ve been doing to occupy themselves during their free time, and commiserate with them when they complain about their problems. Just having a shoulder to lean on and a willing ear will help them feel closer to you than ever.

Play Online Games With Your Family

Games aren’t just for kids. Set yourself for a chess match with your dad, or challenge yourself to a fantasy quest with your sister. The push and pull of competitiveness and teamwork is a heartwarming throwback to those good old days when you would spend hours of your childhood playing with your family. Now, online gaming can help you bring that spirit back – no matter how far you are from each other!

Socially Distanced Doesn’t Mean Emotionally Distant – Keep That Connection Alive!

The COVID-19 pandemic may make us long for the day when we could safely enjoy a face-to-face conversation, but we can still stay close while staying safe! Try any of these fun and easy suggestions for bonding with your families even if you can’t be physically together. They’re all very easy to do – all you need is an internet connection to say a quick hello to your brother or sister and share a silly meme to start a quick conversation!

All of us miss our family members and look for ways to stay connected. Why not add these simple bonding ideas to your weekly catch-up sessions with your loved ones? See which ones work best with your family’s dynamic and schedules – we guarantee that at least one of these will help you stay close with them!

Photo: National Cancer Institute, Unsplash