• By: Gene Edwards

How New Zealanders describe life in Canada

Living abroad can sometimes be stressful as nothing compares to the emotions you can experience in your homeland. The breath of domestic air, views from your house and the commitment to the mother country is everything people can wish for.

However, it is not really a big deal for some people to live abroad. In fact, it eventually comes to adjusting to another lifestyle, right? So a lot of people willingly relocate to another country. This article will discuss the life of Kiwis who live in Canada and what their living experiences are.

Different country, different lifestyle

While New Zealand itself is a developed country with a decent economic policy, some people consider that the standard of living is far better in Canada. In particular, there are more job opportunities, career progression, and a better perspective in the future. Furthermore, Kiwis describe their lifestyle in New Zealand as relaxed and easy-going, while in Canada, you have to be active to keep up with living successfully.

Looking for a job has its characteristics. In New Zealand, the mindset of people is entirely different, but in Canada, you have to prove in some cases even fake that you are the best. Canadians are always determined to show their maximum and do whatever it takes to impress the employer

There are some similarities though

But this doesn’t mean that Canadians don’t know how to settle down and unwind at the end of a busy week or even a busy month. In fact, anybody who’s ever seen a Canadian relaxing will tell you that these people know how to work hard, but they know how to rest even harder.

In most cases, due to the cold climate, Canadians like to throw themselves at resorts or special locations where they can just feel the heat and not worry about the cold. Although there are no “natural” places for this in Canada, there are quite a lot of hotels that have dedicated themselves to becoming such getaways.

Pair that up with an entertainment way Kiwis absolutely adore, and it quickly becomes a hotspot for anybody considering themselves a New Zealander. The resorts are also aware of their major clientele, which is why they usually provide entertainment though gambling and luxurious casinos right next to amazing restaurants and spas. The Kiwis were so into such relaxation methods that Canadian hotels found Baccarat casinos New Zealand is so popular. Needless to say, it was a perfect idea, as pairing up rest with a little bit of https://newzealandcasinos.nz/casino-games/ really drew the attention of all Kiwis in Canada, making these resorts almost a yearly location for them to run away to.

Changeable climate and weather conditions

New Zealand expats find it somewhat different to get accustomed to Canada’s climate. Even though conditions are frequently mild with low humidity and hot days, the winter is very harsh. Cold days, with sometimes below -20 degrees celsius, can be unbearable and unending.

Nevertheless, people can find silver linings in such conditions as well. Cold climate creates a brilliant opportunity for skating, hockey and Kiwis to engage in various activities that are fun to experience.

Rugby in Canada is not as popular as in New Zealand. The national team of Canada currently ranks on the 22nd place, while in contrast All Blacks are considered to be the pride for Zealand. Rugby is a culture for Kiwis, and Canada is more inclined to winter sports such as ice hockey.

People’s attitudes

Most New Zealand citizens describe Canadian people to be polite, friendly and open towards them. It is fairly simple to make friends and do crazy stuff. However, befriending locals is much more difficult.

When it comes to the indigenous people in Canada, the situation is completely different from New Zealand. In Canada, they lack integration and sometimes they are subjects of racism. You will never encounter anything like this in New Zealand, where the people alongside the government try their best to integrate them into society and protect their rights effectively.

High expenses

It is tough to save money in Canada, as the country has expensive rental costs and the cost of living in large cities such as Toronto, Ottawa is exceptionally high. It is more challenging for foreign citizens, but the quality of life in Canada is worthy of spending a lot of money.

In general, both countries are similar in terms of economic and human development. However, there are still some details that Kiwis found more attractive in Canada and vice versa. But again we should admit that nothing compares to “sweet home”.