How streamers in Canada can make money

Online gambling keeps evolving in terms of entertainment, and casino streaming is one of its latest offerings. Casino streaming is the practice of watching or broadcasting players as they gamble on various games. This area of online gaming is steadily growing in popularity as audiences and streamers alike realise that they can benefit. Watching players stream their gambling activities is an excellent way to learn about different games and maybe pick up a strategy or two.

What do casino streamers get from it, though? As the sector becomes more popular, it has developed into a valid income-generating option. Some gamblers earn enough to make streaming a serious business while others manage to cover their bankrolls. How do they do it? If you are looking to get into casino streaming, then you might be curious about how to make the activity profitable. No single formula guarantees that a streamer will make money. However, several avenues are effective.

Affiliate Programs

One of the most common ways to monetise an online platform is through affiliate links. With this form of marketing, advertisers add content to a streamer's channel. When visitors click on the link, the site owner receives a commission. For example, a player can advertise bonus codes for opening an account with a particular casino. So, when customers use the promo codes, the streamer gets paid. Whether the content creator gets a one-time payment or shares revenues with the advertiser depends on the agreement reached. The streaming platform determines the quality of the affiliate marketing opportunities. Twitch is the leading platform for streaming casino games. A player can, however, have channels on more than one site. You can see Roshtein on as an example. The higher your presence, the more income your channels bring in.

Native Advertising

In some instances, casinos compensate players for using their websites. You will find that casino streamers in Canada have their favourite gambling sites. Although a gambler might pick a particular operator because it has the best offerings, other choices are business-related. An online casino can partner with players to have them mention the brand name and maybe even recommend it as they broadcast their gambling experience. Most gambling websites incentivise players with cash bonuses, free spins, rebates, and other promotions.


Another mode of advertising that earns casino streamers healthy incomes is sponsorship. Think of how sports betting sites get their brands on football kits. In this instance, an operator pays a streamer to play exclusively on its site. Therefore, each view means more eyes on the online casino. All the advertising that a player does is designed to drive traffic to the gambling website. Besides casinos, streamers can get sponsorships from various other areas. Developers can partner with players to have them gamble on certain slots. Streamers can promote a supplier's titles through different methods like showing audiences how to play or highlighting unique features. Whether streamers have to be positive at all times about specific products is not clear. The point is to drum up attention. Players can also advertise through merchandising like using branded hats, t-shirts and mugs. Some streamers even use their platforms to sell to viewers.

Donations and Patreon Subscriptions

Sometimes, players depend on the goodwill of their viewers to make money. Donations are some of the original methods of income generation for casino game streamers. People who like a player's content can donate any amount they wish to keep streamers going. You will find content creators who include payment alternatives like PayPal to make donations easy. Patreon is another service that facilitates donations to streamers. Fans can subscribe to the platform and set a certain amount as a donation, which contributes to the stipend that the player receives every month. In exchange, streamers can offer these viewers special gifts, shoot-outs and exclusive streams. Twitch also provides bits for its partners and affiliates. Bits are tokens that are worth about 1 cent that viewers can gift to streamers in packs.

Twitch Subscriptions

Twitch took game streaming to the next level. The platform has some of the biggest casino streamers in the world. Twitch operates on a subscription model. So, customers pay a fee to watch content creators on their channels. Dedicated followers access premium content. The service shares the subscription revenue with the channel owners. Therefore, the more viewers a player can get to subscribe to his or her channel, the bigger the cut. The casino game streaming accounts with the largest audiences on Twitch boast over 60,000 followers. Of course, this pales in comparison to video game streamers, some of whom have millions of followers. Note that, casino games don't have the same pull as video games. Additionally, casino game streaming is still relatively young. It is expected that as this entertainment option becomes more prominent, players will have bigger audiences and, consequently, more income.

Online gambling is the gift that keeps on giving. With casino game streaming, the industry provides ways for players to earn something from their gambling activities. When done right, streaming can contribute a nice chunk of a player's income.