How to avoid computer-induced headaches

A growing number of us are now choosing to work from home. Whether due to more flexible hours, the ability to spend time with our families or avoiding lengthy commutes to and from the office, there are a number of benefits associated with such an option. However, we should also mention that those who remain seated for hours in front of a computer (such as anyone who owns an online business) will often suffer from tension-induced headaches. These can be frustrating situations and in some cases, they may even negatively impact your productivity. How can you avoid this type of headache? Let us take a look at a handful of practical tips and tricks to adopt.

Know When to Say When: The Importance of Taking a Break

As the name rightfully suggests, many tension headaches arise as the result of muscular strain. This strain does not necessarily have to occur around the eyes. It can also be present within the shoulders, neck or upper back. Knowing how to spot the early signs of muscular tension is therefore critical if you hope to lessen the chances of developing a headache. Taking a proactive approach is therefore important. This involves knowing when to step away from your work for a few moments. Ideally, it is wise to take a break for a minimum of ten minutes every hour. Here are some other useful suggestions:

  • Avoid hunching in front of the computer when reading or typing.

  • Make a conscious effort not to squint your eyes.

  • Procure a desk that adequately supports your elbows.

  • Purchase an ergonomic chair in order to better support your lower back.

It could even be wise to stretch your neck, shoulders and lower lumbar region. This will help to relieve any additional tension that might otherwise be building up.

Appreciate the Hazards of Blue Light

Blue light is a type of light emitted by modern screens such as those found within smartphones and laptops. Although we cannot see this wavelength, it can still have an impact upon our eyes over time. Blue light has been shown to lead to ocular strains; increasing the chances that some individuals could develop headaches if they stare at displays for lengthy periods of time. This is why it is an excellent idea to purchase a pair of blue light glasses such as those manufactured by Barner. Not only will you be protecting your eyes from this type of light, but the chances are high that you will become less prone to headaches (particularly if they were a frequent occurrence in the past).

Averting eye strain will help to ensure that you remain productive throughout the day. When the methods above are used in conjunction with other common sense habits such as adopting a healthy diet and getting plenty of sleep, you can remain confident that you are physically ready for whatever the day may have in store. So, working from home could therefore become a dream come true!

Photo: Pixabay