How to Care for Your Teeth and Whiten Them Too

By: Lily Prince

There are many different reasons why teeth whitening is such a popular practice. There are even more reasons why good oral care is so important. Sometimes it seems like the appearance is more important than healthy maintenance, which is where easy fast whitening kits come in. With Snow, oral health and teeth whitening come together.

Snow is a teeth whitening company based out of Scottsdale, Arizona that strives to bring its users the best teeth whitening experience possible. Their system uses revolutionary technology that includes a doctor formulated whitening serum and unique LED light technology to remove deep, hard to remove stains.

The whitening kit is used by hundreds of thousands of people worldwide and is the most used whitening system among celebrities. Their system has even been featured in Marie Claire, People, Good Housekeeping, and Vogue as a best product.

Snow’s formula is very effective but never contains harsh or dangerous chemicals, so users can feel good about what they’re whitening with.

The kit comes with the whitening serum pens, the LED mouthpiece, and a shade guide to track progress and set whitening goals. Their new system also includes Snow’s anti-aging lip balm to protect and restore lips.

Using the whitening kit for just ten minutes a day will provide stunning results that usually start to show up within the first three days of use. That’s five times faster than whitening strips! Continue using the system for up to a month or until results are achieved. Snow’s formula is safe for everyday use but it is recommended that, if sensitivity occurs, users reduce frequency of use.

Snow also offers a desensitizing serum that users can apply before whitening so that if any discomfort were to occur, users will be protected from further sensitivity.

Snow also provides a complete Oral Care Routine that consists of the whitening kit, a sugar lip scrub, an anti-aging lip treatment, and an activated charcoal floss.

These products are designed to improve the other aspects of teeth whitening and oral care and give users an even better experience than they would have otherwise.

The lip scrub and lip balm are both packed with nourishing extracts and antioxidants that restore the health and moisture barrier of lips and prevent aging effects. Still, they do not contain any harsh chemicals but naturally derived ingredients. The sugar exfoliating scrub is flavored with lavender and mint and gently removes the dead skin cells from the top layer of skin, while the nourishing ingredients work to protect the fresh skin underneath. The lip balm then further protects and moisturizes, leaving behind juicy, soft, rejuvenated lips.

Activated Charcoal has been used a lot recently too for teeth whitening because of its cleaning properties. Snow’s floss is designed to utilize this and enhance cleaning in between teeth. So, the whitening kit can do its job for the teeth and the charcoal floss can get those hard to reach places like the gum line and in between teeth. Dentists have been drilling into patients’ heads the importance of flossing for ages and the practice still rings true. Flossing greatly improves the health of gums and teeth by removing built up plaque and bacteria that cause gum disease.

So, with the added benefit of activated charcoal, Snow’s floss is bound to give great results while also keeping people’s mouths clean and healthy. A win- win all around.

If the idea of flossing with charcoal seems bizarre, never fear. The floss is coated for a no-mess clean and flavored with a subtle minty flavor to make it a more pleasant experience.

Snow’s whitening system is great because it provides professional results like those one could get from a dentist, but at a fraction of the cost. Professional whitening treatments are so expensive and often cause sensitivity and discomfort. Plus, if getting professional whitening results from home is an option, who wouldn’t want to try it?

Snow’s website has all the information customers would need and their customer service team is always willing and ready to help. Check out their whitening kit and other oral care products out today! Your smile will thank you.