• By: Allen Brown

How to choose a business hotel in Ottawa

Ottawa is the capital of Canada. The city not only welcomes a plethora of tourists every year but those coming for business trips too. If you fall into the latter and you’re heading for Ottawa for work, picking the right business hotel can be the difference between having an enjoyable stay and itching to leave. To help find suitable accommodation, here are some tips.


Location is everything when selecting a business hotel in Ottawa. If you’re in the city for meetings and conferences, you’ll want to pick accommodation that’s close by. While Ottawa has excellent transport links, you can’t beat a business hotel that’s within walking distance to a meeting. This allows you to wake up later and not have to endure rush hour traffic or public transport! To get the best location, simply head onto Google Maps and compare the distance between the hotel and where you need to go.


While a lot of your business trip will involve meetings and conferences, you’re bound to have some downtime in between. If you don’t fancy venturing outside, it’s best to pick a hotel that has all the amenities you need. For those who love exercise, many business hotels have an on-site gym you can use to keep fit and active. You may find some have a swimming pool and spa too, which can serve as a much-needed treat during your time away.


For many business travelers, work doesn’t stop once you get back to your hotel. You may need to make calls, send emails, and catch up on your workload while in your hotel room. Therefore, excellent Wi-Fi is essential! During your downtime, you may want to surf your smartphone and play online casino for real money, so to have the best experience, a good internet connection is a must. Most business hotels understand this, but there are the odd one or two who don’t, so make sure to look into Wi-Fi.


If you’re traveling alone for business, you may not want to go out to eat. Thankfully, lots of business hotels offer in-dining options. This means you can simply head downstairs to the ground floor and tuck into some tasty grub to keep you going. You’ll find most business hotels in the city cater to all tastes, allergies, and preferences too. Just make sure to let the staff know if you have any dietary requirements.


You can’t go wrong by looking at ratings and reviews of business hotels in Ottawa. This will give you an honest, reliable account of how the hotel operates and whether it’s suitable for your stay. Past business travelers will share their experiences, which can sway your mind into booking and continuing your search. If there are tons of negative reviews, trust them! This is because you will want to have a pleasant stay, even if it’s just as a base to sleep.

However long you’re in Ottawa on business, taking all the above into account will help you select a business hotel that meets all your needs.